10 Countries That Pay Highest And Lowest Monthly Wages

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When it comes to the people who live based on daily wages or monthly wages, if monthly salary remains same for years, then they lose interest in working. So, if you are considering relocating and working abroad, then first and foremost, you should see where you can increase your earning potential.

Most of the people relocate, if some other country is paying higher wage for the same job. In India, monthly wages remains same for years together and that is why the outcomes are always worst. Depending on what country they live in, the wages varies.

Today we bring out information regarding how average monthly wages are in other countries. Based on numbers submitted to Numbeo, you can see top countries that pay highest on left and top countries that pay the lowest on right. Here all figures which are mentioned are averages of earnings after tax deductions.

1. Switzerland  Vs Venezuela 


Switzerland is one of the most stable economies in the world. You can have extremely high earning potential. However, living costs are extremely high. On the other side, in Venezuela the country’s price of food, goods and medicine is skyrocketing that basic purchases became expensive for many Venezuelans. Groceries prices in Venezuela are 24.61% higher than in India.


2. Norway  Vs  Egypt 


Norway’s economy is largely based on the natural resources of the country that includes petroleum exploration and production and hydroelectric power. The cost of living is higher in Norway than in India. On the other side, in Egypt, the cost of living is lower when compared to India.


3. UAE  Vs Ukraine 


The cost of living in UAE is very higher than in India. Here, the cost of living we mean is the average cost of the basic necessities such as shelter, food, clothing, transport etc. Day by day Dubai is getting more expensive, even parking a car for 1 hour is increased from 2 to 4 AED which is a lot for expats. In Ukraine, cost of living is lower when compared to India.


4. United States  Vs Azerbaijan 


If you are considering moving to the US, then you should remind that US economy is the largest in the world. As  US is a truly massive country, prices differ depending on where you are. But, overall, consumer prices and grocery prices are very higher in US. Even in Azerbaijan, the cost of living is higher when compared to India.


5. Qatar  Vs Moldova 


Consumer Prices in Qatar are 135.15% higher than in India. Qatar is a high-income economy which has the world’s third-largest natural-gas reserves and oil reserves. On the other hand, Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and is plagued by corruption. And the consumer prices in Moldova are 21.20% higher than in India.


6. Australia Vs Tunisia 


Australia is one of the most resilient and stable economies in the world. The country’s economy is dominated by its service sector. Mining and the agricultural sector has its own place here. Consumer prices including rent in Australia are 262.75% higher than in India.

In Tunisia, consumer prices including rent in Tunisia are 2.30% lower than in India.


7. Singapore  Vs Georgia 


Singapore is a fantastic expat destination but life in Singapore doesn’t come cheap. Consumer prices including rent in Singapore are 366.50% higher than in India.

Georgia which is known as the Peach State is the country’s top producer of pecans, peanuts, and vidalia onions. The state’s onions are considered some of the sweetest in the world. Consumer prices including rent in Georgia are 24.69% higher than in India


8. Iceland Vs Sri Lanka 


Iceland which is known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” has high cost of living when compared to India. Consumer prices including rent in Iceland are 435.12% higher than in India.

Sri Lanka people uses one of the traditional fishing methods called stilt fishing that cannot be found in any other part of the world. Groceries prices in Sri Lanka are 41.37% higher than in India.


9. Denmark Vs Pakistan 


In Denmark, you can enjoy one of the most comfortable living standards in the world. Their economy depends heavily on foreign trade and is supported by high-tech agriculture.

Even though, consumer prices including rent in Pakistan are 3.66% lower than in India, life is not all fun and games for many people who are living places like Karachi and Islamabad as there are large number of political and ethnic tensions.


10. Hong Kong Vs Algeria 


Indians played an important role in the development of Hong Kong in the early days. You will find Hong Kong similar to Mumbai. However, consumer prices including rent in Hong Kong are 368.17% higher than in India.

The most notable products from Algeria are olive oil, wine and other beverages and tobacco. Groceries Prices in Algeria are 24.16% higher and consumer prices including rent in Algeria are 15.28% higher than in India. 

Looking for average monthly wage in India?


According to the Numbeo survey, India is the cheapest country in the world to live in. When compared with the base cost of living in New York City, the average consumer prices across Indian cities are just 30% of the consumer prices in New York. Rent is also 18% cheaper and groceries 20-30% cheaper.

The monthly expenditure of a person depends up on the city he lives in. However, Numbeo survey has given the average monthly wage of some countries. If you wish to add any other information to this list related to prices, then share us in the comments. Wanna look at the GST rates all across the world? Then check out here.

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