10 Countries Where You Can Drive With An Indian Licence

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Driving is a thrilling activity that pleases almost everyone and the thrill gets doubled if you drive during your trip to other countries. However, it is a pain in the neck to get the required driving licence. But, there are many countries that allow you to drive if you have Indian driving licence. So today we have brought you 10 such countries that allow Indian licence.


1. United Kingdom

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United Kingdom allows you to drive for 1 year if you have the Indian driving licence.


2. USA

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It is probably the best country to explore by road and good for you as the country allows you to drive for 1 year if you have Indian licence and IDP.


3. Germany

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An Indian driving licence and International Driving Permit (IDP) will get you 6 months of driving validity in Germany.


4. Australia

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You can drive here as long as the visiting period lasts. However, you should not forget the IDP.


5. Switzerland


You can enjoy the mountain road trips on Switzerland and can enjoy pleasure of driving for 1 year.


6. France


You can have the thrill of driving through that naturally beautiful scenery of France for one year. Apart from the licence, you would need the French translation of it.


7. New Zealand


Likewise many other countries, your licence is valid here for 1 year.


8. Hong Kong


If you are visiting Hong Kong then you should enjoy the fun of driving on those roads that are neighbored by those mesmerizing infrastructures.


9. Singapore


Your trip to Singapore will be an ultimate thrill as apart from those pleasing places, you can have all the fun of driving. Just carry your IDP and start your journey by road.


10. Sweden


It is one of the most beautiful country in the world and also one of the best to be explored by road.

If, you are planning to visit these countries then keep this information in mind and have fun. If you know about any other country that allows Indian licence then please share it in comment sections.


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