These 5 Ways Are The Best Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer




Man, it feels like sitting inside an oven. No use blaming nature. We brought this, just like most other disasters upon us. Greenhouse effect, yes, you must’ve learnt back in school. Greenhouse gases trap the heat, thus increasing the temperature of the environment. Well, here are 5 things which you should follow to beat the heat.


1. Choose indoors in Summer!

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Go outdoors and you get roasted. Like a Chicken. Literally. So prefer Indoors at least at peak times. Stay at home or at work at noon. If you have to surely head out, make sure you’re well equipped. Wear hats, sunglasses, cotton clothes and preferably clothes which let air to circulate. It’s simple. Don’t want to get shot? Don’t go to war. Simple as that.


2. Drink plenty of water

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You lose so much water in the form of sweat. So, keep hydrating yourself. It helps you keep cool and also helps in bodily functions. Lack of enough consumption of water can cause severe dehydration and other complications. Sufficient water is very vital, so keep drinking water or healthy juices!


3. Eat plenty of fruits!


Don’t complain that it’s not the season for some fruits! Hybrid fruits are hitting the markets all throughout the year. But if you want to keep it all natural, stick to watermelons! Watermelons are a good source of nourishments and water. They contain a lot of water. They will help you rejuvenate! Fruits are good for your body and help you maintain a good skin complexion. Need shiny skin? Munch on them fruits!


4. Wear white/light colored clothes


Apparently, your favorite color black which you claim to match the color of your soul and so on Facebook, bleh, it absorbs heat. I know, black is a great color but have you seen Batman wear black and roam around in summer? No? Even if he does come out, it’s in the night. Dress clever. Wear white, stay cool.


5. Fans, Air conditions, Air coolers,….. [-Captain Obvious]


Fans and AC’s are life savers in summer. Stick to places which are cool and escape the heat. But don’t get caught messing around in ATM’s or Textile shops. They get a bit rude sometimes!


Published in concern with Public Safety!

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Because of Global Warming, earth also changed in last 100 years.

And, don’t forget poor little four legged and winged friends!

Don’t chase them away if the come by for a little shade and always keep a bowl of water if they hang around. Care for them too!

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