Tips And Tricks For CompTIA Security+ Certification For Cyber Security Professionals

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Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is recognized as one of the leading trade groups in the IT domain. It runs as a non-profit organization dealing in IT trade. The association provides professional certificates in the field with global validity in 120 plus countries worldwide. CompTIA certifications vary in areas, they include core, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and additional professional certifications. Thus, they are designed for the candidates of all categories, from those who just would like to try whether to start a career in IT or not, to the professionals who want to lift up their career to a new level.

Among the most popular certifications by CompTIA, Security+ is one of its kind. It verifies a candidate’s practical skills in the field of cybersecurity. The assessment is predominantly based on the baseline skills required in the area. This certificate is valid for one’s core knowledge and troubleshooting abilities for security-related cyber issues. The exam for CompTIA Security+ certification (SY0-401 or a newer one SY0-501) assesses a candidate’s aptitude for risk management and mitigation in the cyber domain. On top of this, it also tests a candidate’s awareness of the internet rules and regulations for security. It examines both the practical skills and theoretical expertise of the applicants.



CompTIA Security

CompTIA Security+ Course are 90-minute long tests with 90 questions each. The question type varies from multiple-choice questions to performance-based situations. On a scale of 100 to 900, the passing score for the test is 750. It is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese and simplified Chinese. The total price for the exam is $330 USD. You can take any of them but bear in mind that the first one will be retired on the 31st of July, while the second one SY0-501 is a new one. Some experience of working in the CompTIA+ Network is recommended for the aspiring candidates. A minimum of 2-year employment as a security administrator will also be helpful.


Reasons To Become CompTIA Security+ Certified

CompTIA Security

The primary purpose of undertaking any certificate course is to acquire skills and get recognized verification for the same. CompTIA Security+ can be a crucial building brick in your career as an IT professional. The rapid growth in the IT industry will only increase the demand for security personnel. This certification will only facilitate better career progression opportunities for you. Besides this, there are a number of reasons for pursuing a CompTIA Security+ certificate.

  • Learning

One of the key reasons to get enrolled for this course is all the knowledge it offers. From fundamental to the core, you will become well-versed in the cybersecurity domain. It is also beneficial in giving you the right hands-on experience of working with a variety of devices. With this certificate under your name, you can confidently start a career in the IT industry.

  • Working Benefits

A certificate like this gives you the convenience of working from any location. There is no obligation to work from an office. It also opens a lot of career doors for you. You are adding to your technical skills and knowledge that is applicable everywhere in the IT sector. Therefore, you can start building a career right from your home with multiple opportunities in front of you.

  • Expert Recognition

CompTIA is a top-tier IT association. A certification from this organization will gain you verification from the industry experts. It not only guarantees you great employment opportunities in the field but also prepares you for taking giant strides in your career. This certificate is a key to impress all potential employers.

  • Network Building

Networking is important for every career. The stronger the network, the better the prospects for progression! With the help of this certificate, you can become a part of a community of professionals. It will assist you in building a network for growth in the field. Simultaneously, it will open up more work options for you.

  • Commitment

A certificate like this in your CV is more than just a verification of your skills. It conveys your commitment to prospective employers. The difficulty level and the worldwide aspirants for the certificate make it a great achievement for your career. It highlights your dedication to the field and presents your aptitude for cybersecurity.

  • Uniqueness

In comparison with the other security certificates in the IT domain, CompTIA Security+ emerges as the most distinct. To start with, it comprises of performance-based questions. This vendor-neutral exam does test the candidates’ core skills in cybersecurity. It is a gateway to job options like security administrator, network operator, security engineer, consultant, IT auditor or tester, and similar more.


How To Become CompTIA Security+ Certified?

CompTIA Security

You can attain CompTIA Security+ certificate in some easy steps. You can explore the internet for hundreds of training options. Search for the most suitable option and get started. There are online tutors, as well as tailored study materials to prepare for the certificate course. Decide a training platform that promises you the optimum efficiency for your practical and theoretical knowledge.

The next step is to simultaneously get yourself acquainted with the exam. When you prepare for the exam, it is extremely important to go through the details. Find the exam objectives on the web. Read all the objectives thoroughly and try to understand them vis-à-vis the certificate. You should also go through a few previous years’ question papers. It will facilitate your understanding of the kind of problems asked in the exam. This is a quintessential step for any exam preparation. Make sure you read all the objectives for this exam and practice some mock papers.

CompTIA Security

The last step is only to register yourself for the exam and appear for it. This step requires you to purchase an exam voucher from CompTIA’s online portal. You can then visit the nearest testing center and appear for the exam.

To sum up, Security+ certification by CompTIA teaches you a great deal about cryptography, IT risk management, latest technologies, threats, and much more. It is the only IT certificate that verifies your skills in the field of cybersecurity. More than a certificate, CompTIA Security+ is a basic standard of working as a cybersecurity staff. You can expand your career efficiently once you obtain this certificate. Go online to look for study materials related to the exam and ace the test.

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