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Comfort Pedestal Fans

A portable fan can feel like a lifesaver when the weather is sweltering outside and you can’t only rely on air conditioning to cool your place due to high electricity bills and you need a more pocket-friendly option for secondary cooling. These fans are electrically driven and are used to circulate a cool breeze around your house.

The weather can get scorching and humid in tropical countries such as India, which is why it can be very beneficial to invest in a portable fan.

Three kinds of portable fans are primarily available: table fans, pedestal fans, and wall fans. You only need a power outlet for these fans to run, so you can use them in any room of your house.


Why You Need A Pedestal Fan?

Luminous Fan

By purchasing a pedestal fan, your summer days at home and workplace will be less uncomfortable. Here are the benefits of using a pedestal fan:

  1. Easy And Effortless To Use And Move: As the name says, these fans are portable and can be moved from one place to another according to your requirement and convenience. They are really easy to use and install too!
  2. Can Be Placed At Side: Portable fans are smaller than many other varieties and types. Being space friendly, pedestal fans can be placed at any side of the room, and you can even take them outdoors as long as you have a power supply to plug them in.
  3. Multi-Functional: The fact that they can be used for so many things is one of the best things about pedestal fans. Like, you can use a pedestal fan to keep cool in the kitchen, but the fan can also be used to help dry your next handmade pasta batch too.
  4. Modern Designs: These days, pedestal fans from reliable brands like Luminous come in various colors that add an exquisite touch to the home décor. These colorfully designed fans add a vibrant touch to the interiors of any room. You can check them out online and choose the one that fits your home décor the best.
  5. Low Maintenance: A pedestal fan is economical and can be moved from one position to another without any hassle. Unlike other electrical cooling appliances, pedestal fans do not require any such maintenance.


How To Choose A Pedestal Fan?

Table Fan

However, as there are hundreds of models, it might not be the easiest task to buy a high-performing and long-lasting portable fan, whether it is a table fan or a pedestal fan. Here we’ll take about a few factors to look out for while buying a pedestal fan:

1. Portability

There are highly compact and lightweight, portable fans, such as table and pedestal fans. Hence, they can be shifted to and fro, unlike ceiling fans, which means you can hold them anywhere you want and transform them by simply plugging the switch into the socket.

Therefore choose a pedestal fan with high portability so that you can easily take your fan out on your terrace, plug it in and let it cool you down.

2. Airflow

Our recommendations for purchasing a high-quality portable fan begin with the device’s airflow being taken into account. A fan’s airflow is commonly measured in cubic meters per minute (CMM).

To guarantee that the cooling is efficient and reaches the entire confined area, it will be ideal to opt for a fan with a considerable airflow. There are reliable brands like Luminous that offer a wide array of selection for portable fans with various airflow. Check the table below.

  Type of Portable Fan


   Table Fan

Up to 130 CMM

  Pedestal Fan

Up to 100 CMM

  Wall Fan

Up to 75 CMM

3. Size

For practical reasons, you should consider the size of the portable fan (wall fan, table fan, or pedestal fan). A small model does not occupy too much space and is easy to move.

The power of small models is minimal. On the other hand, because of their measurements, large-diameter fans can be very bulky. This is why they are preferred for use in a bedroom or living room. The diameter of an average portable fan is around 30 cm in general. You can get more fresh and cool air with larger propellers so that the airflow can go further.

Top Brands like Luminous offer you pedestal fans in standard sizes like 16’ or 400mm which are ideal for secondary cooling for a standard room. Alternatively, you can buy multiple pedestal fans to get breeze from multiple directions.

4. Speed

The speed of the fan is another important factor to remember. If there is a ceiling fan regulator, portable fans typically have a pull cord mechanism or a speed-changing remote. Different individuals enjoy differing fan speeds. Therefore, when selecting a pedestal fan for home or office, check for the speed control feature and whether it matches your needs to enjoy greater suitability.

5. Features

The latest portable fans now come with swing features that allow better circulation. They are now available with an adjustable height range that can be modified according to your specifications. The aerodynamic blades also provide a better-quality fan for home use.

6. Appearance

Aesthetics isn’t an area that was really at the forefront of the concerns of fan manufacturers until recently. However, it is not the case now. Today, a fan can be a real decorative object. The value of this function is demonstrated by the fact that you will get tired of looking at an electrical device that you find neither elegant nor following the interior decoration of your office or home.

You need to see the photo of the fan or its description to see if it’s aesthetically pleasing. Then check the material from which it is made. There are brands like Luminous that offer SAN blades in their table fans, wall fans, and pedestal fans. Also, two types of stands are provided for table fans, plastic (ABS / PP), and Aluminium Die Cast / CRCA. Pedestal fans also have two kinds of Switch Housing/Box made of Plastic (PP) or Plastic (ABS).

Security is an essential criterion in the choice of these fans, in addition to the question of design, particularly when you have children at home. The bars of the grids must be sufficiently tight to prevent kids from putting their fingers inside.

Checking the stability and portability of the fan once it is running is also critical. You will want a portable fan when summer hits, which you can carry around the house. Without taking up much space, it can cool the air around you and improve ventilation. There are reliable brands like Luminous that offer a comprehensive selection of portable fans.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy any portable fan, be it a wall fan or pedestal fan, and add comfort to your home.

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