These Childhood Memories Will Make You Feel Nostalgic For Sure

Childhood memories

When did we reach the adulthood? How did it happen? 


Push on your hump day, feeling nostalgic about these childhood treasures of our childhood. Read on 


1. Running behind Pokemon Go? We had these.



2. If you can fill your fountain pen from the ink pot every morning without spoiling your uniform you were the bomb



3. You were the coolest if your family had one of these.



4. While these rainy days reminds us of bike rides, we had boat races.


5. Move aside Xbox and PSs your ancestor is here

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6. These weird shoes that lit up and sometimes made noises when you walked. Yikes, we thought that was cool!

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7. Much before your Tupperware, we had Milton.

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8. Remember Playing This Game In School

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9. The video games were epic!

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10. Remember the Good ol’ VCR?



11. Prior to Pokemon Go, there were Pokemon Cards. These Cards = More Respect in School



12. These 5 Color Pens Were The Bomb



13. If you thought Candy crush was hard, try this



14. If you remember these Saturday extras from newspaper, you are the 90s kid



15. Remember Tazos? That is how we got addicted to chips


16. Remember Your First Cycle

Childhood Memories



17. Tyre Race, sadly now it is not seen  in this generation

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18. X men? Avengers? We had Shaktimaan 


Childhood memories incoming! It’s funny how we always wanted to grow up when we were a child and now we want to go back in time! 

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