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Check Out Some Interesting Facts About Your Mattress


I always look forward to getting home at the end of the day mostly because I get to go to my bed and of course my mattress. The feeling of relaxation after a long day is indescribable. The mattress is one of those things that people really value but do not know much about.


So, here are some interesting facts that you may want to know about:

1. Hiding Place For Valuables…Target For Burglars

If you pay attention to the News, you will probably hear this a lot. Burglars have been known to always toss or rip mattresses when they break in. This comes from an assumption that it is safe for people in the house and hence, the first place to look for any items of value.


2. Your Mattress Is Making You Sick And “Housing” Creepy Crawlies

I kept getting these allergies like sneezing in the morning, and I just kept ignoring them. I later was informed that it could be my mattress. The truth of the matter is that mattresses collect dust and of course insects like mites, and these are known to be contributors to allergies. If you regularly use your mattress then it probably has between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites.


3. Healthier For You To Leave Your Mattress Uncovered

Getting out of bed is one of my least favorite things to do but I dread spreading the bed even more; hence this fact is very good news for me. The amount of moisture and sweat trapped by the mattress is what will make a great home for insects; hence the messier the mattress, the safer it is since it can air and get sunlight to dry.


4. Some Cost 6 Figures

Yes, you heard me right 6 figures. This may seem like a big number for some people but not for the rich and famous. To get a luxury mattress, you may need to invest such an amount. On a lighter note though, mattresses are quite affordable, and you can get them at even better rates when using coupons such as on novosbedcoupon.net/.


5. Bought A Lot But Liked The Least

According to research, Innerspring mattresses are the most bought at 80%. The interesting fact here is that only 63% of those buying them actually like them. The number is not that bad, but when you compare with the 79% who like water beds or the 80% who like memory foam mattresses or the latex ones, then there is a reason to be concerned. So, which mattress is preferred by most?


6. Guinness Has A Mattress Dominoes Record

I was actually blown away by this fact. The current record was set by volunteers in Shanghai in 2012 for 1001 mattresses and people. The game is played just like regular dominoes but in this case mattresses and people are lined up then tipped over.


7. They Have To Be Flame Proof

The US made it federal law for mattresses to meet flammability guidelines. The number of cases of mattress fires due to situations such as unattended candles or cigarettes and such kind of dangers was high and needed to be reduced. What needs to happen is that for any mattress to be sold, it must be able to withstand at least 30 seconds of an open flame. You are advised not to try this at home since it may actually be dangerous.

These facts about mattresses are not only interesting but also informative. Now that you know about the allergy triggers, you can maintain your mattress better to ensure it does not bring you any harm. It may also be a good idea to move your valuables from under your mattress to the bank or an actual safe.

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