Carrots Improve Your Vision? Maybe Not! Another Myth Broken!



If I had eaten a carrot everytime my mom told me to, I mightas well be a RoboCop right now. In her defence, she genuinely believed eating carrot improved night vision.


She wasn't the only one who trusted that piece of health news. 

But it now seems it was a cleanly planned propaganda during WWII by the UK and then followed by the US.

It seems to correlate with the time period that Bugs bunny and Dr Carrot became famous in the USA and the UK respectively.



Science agrees that carrot and other green leafy vegetables are good for eyesight but have no correlation with the belief regarding night sight. But then what was the story behind it?

It seems to be an elaborate ruse to keep Germans away from knowing about the  on-board Airborne Interception Radar (AI), a secret radar technolgy pilots used to identify and shoot the German in bound aircraft.




Well, thankfully I didn't waste my childhood eating carrots trying to see in the dark. 


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