Candy Crush Got Over 30 Lakh Downloads In Three Hours Following MS Dhoni’s Viral Video

MSD Candy Crush Saga

A video of MS Dhoni enjoying Candy Crush aboard an IndiGo flight went viral. It prompts the game to become a topic on Twitter. Guess what? It is leading to over 3.6 million downloads in three hours. Read on to know more.


Viral Video

MS Dhoni

A video of Indian cricket star MS Dhoni playing Candy Crush on his tablet on an IndiGo flight has gone viral.

In the video, an IndiGo airline air hostess is seen giving Dhoni chocolates. The legendary Indian cricketer heartily greeted and talked with her. In the same footage, a tab showing the Candy Crush game was spotted in front of Dhoni’s seat.


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Fans were piqued by images of Dhoni enjoying the Candy Crush game. Following Dhoni’s video, the hashtag #CandyCrush began trending on Twitter. Many Twitter users expressed nostalgia for the game, while others praised Dhoni’s charming pastime. However, other internet users claim Dhoni was playing Pet Rescue Saga rather than Candy Crush.


Candy Crush

MS Dhoni Candy Crush

On the other hand, Candy Crush began trending on Twitter when the video became popular on the internet. According to the mobile game application, more than 30 lakh individuals downloaded the application in only three hours. Candy Crush’s Twitter account hailed Dhoni for making the game trend.

“Just In – We Got 3.6 Million New Downloads in Just 3 Hours.

Thanks to the Indian Cricket Legend @msdhoni. We are Trending In India Just Because Of You”.


MS Dhoni: Game Enthusiast

MS Dhoni IPL 2023 Salary

For those who are oblivious, Dhoni is a video game enthusiast as well as a cricketer. Dhoni plays video games such as Call of Duty, FIFA, and PUBG. “We all carry PlayStations wherever we go,” Indian bowler Ishant Sharma said on YouTube’s The Ranveer Show. Mahi bhai loves playing online/video games like Call of Duty, and he’s quite fond of PubG.”, he added.


The Public’s Reaction To Dhoni Playing Candy Crush

Dhoni is praised for traveling in economy class with ordinary folks.

People admire him for playing this game.

Do you also play this game? Also, drop your thoughts in the comments below. We are waiting for your response!

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