Do You Know Why Brands Use Misspelled Words In Their Names?

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The biggest challenge for the founders is to keep the name of their brand. Nowadays people are more creative and creativity starts with the name of the brand. Right from the brand name, slogan, tagline, banner ads, the brand wants everything creative. There are many marketing strategies involved in deciding the name of the brand. Most of the time we have seen that there are many brands whose spelling is different and is misspelled.  Many businesses want their brand name to be unique. That is why they choose to misspell names. Remember why Thums Up remove ‘B‘ from their spelling. Let us check out various reasons why brands choose to misspelled words in their names.


1. Misspelled Words Stand Out

Misspelled Words Brands

Every brand wants to stand out in the market. To create their unique identity, they put names with different and misspelled words. Various examples like Flickr, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, etc. are misspelled spellings but it is in the mind of the people because of their misspelled words and distinctive names. Even putting ‘er’ or ‘ly’ at the end and dropping vowels are also some of the common ways to make brand names unique. This common trend by the startups is unique and make them stand out of the different business. It gives a creative image of the brand and helps them to shorten the URLs that help them in business.


2. This Help Brands To Get Domain Names Easily

Misspelled Words Brands

These days every brand wants to show their online presence. The common spelling domains are mostly premium domains and may not be available. Misspelled words help the brand to get domain names easily because of unusual naming conventions.


3. Human Brain Remember Unique Things

Misspelled Words Brands

It is human psychology that the human mind tends to remember mistakes and unique things more than normal and perfect things. When a human mind reads misspelled words in a brand name, it remembers for a longer time. The unique name creates a memorable image of the brand in the human mind. This helps the brand to get the audience’s attention.


4. Interesting Story Behind It!

Misspelled Words Brands

There is a story behind these errors that adds to a company’s interesting story. The copy editor’s blunder turns into a valuable and brilliant marketing strategy. There are some unheard stories behind the companies that misspelled their brands.

Amanda Singleton of Qustodian in the UK revealed the reason behind the unique name of their startup. She told,

“The name came about because in a world of ever-increasing concerns about data being misused, we see ourselves as the custodians of people’s data. Qustodian was the closest available domain name!”

The founder Nwplying, an Indian startup, Utsav Agarwal explained why they chose to misspell the words Now Playing. Utsav told,

“Nowplaying described the product in its simplest form, but it was too common a hashtag for us to possibly differentiate ourselves and create a brand around it – hence the term nwplyng, i.e. ‘nowplaying’ sans vowels,” he says. “Plus, the domain name was easily available.”

But, you will be surprised that Utsav Agarwal said that he will not recommend this kind of misspelled word or naming convention to anyone else. It is because some of these marketing strategies can actually backfire. He added,

“From my experience with nwplyng, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Users misspell it way too often, even the ones using it regularly – and that means you lose out on network effect and app downloads.”

Creativity makes your brand unique and but the fact is if you move far from reality it can also hamper the credibility of the brand as well.

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