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A Boy Carries His Disabled Friend On His Back And Takes Him To School

This Story Has Unveiled A New Level Of Friendship

Boy Carries Disabled Friend To Schoolvia

Admittedly, friendship knows no limits and boundaries as we have heard and witnessed many stories that glorify the value of friendship. It is considered as the unadulterated bond that helps the people to get over their tough times. Today we have brought you a real and inspirational story about friendship that will leave you speechless. A sixth-grade boy carries his Disabled friend and takes him to the school daily.


A Boy Carries His Disabled Friend

Boy Carries Disabled Friend To School

Shu Bingyang lives in the Sichuan district of Beijing, China. He is quite popular in his locality for a quirky reason which is amazingly inspirational. Shu’s friend Zhang Xie is unable to walk. He was just four years old back when he lost his ability to walk to a disease called ragdoll disease. However, fate had something special for him and gifted him the friend that everyone would want to have. Shu Bingyang gives a piggyback ride to Zhang Xie to his school. Moreover, he also helps him going into another class from one


How Does He Do it With Ease?

Boy Carries Disabled Friend To School

Talking about his friendly approach, Shu told that it is the weight difference between his body and that of Zhang’s. Zhang weighs only 25 Kgs and this makes it easy for Shu (40 Kgs) to carry his friend and do it often.


What Does Zhang think About Shu?

Boy Carries Disabled Friend To School

On the other hand, Zhang says, ”I am very grateful to Shu. I can never forget about the help he is offering. He plays with me, studies with me and spends almost the entire day with me. I have no words for him”. Moreover, the teachers also praise this inspirational approach of Shu.

Shu may think that this is the weight difference that makes the job easy for him but in reality, it is his “will to help his friend” that plays the role. What do you say about this story? Tell us in the comments.

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