12 Bollywood Stars Who Has Very Luxurious Life Along With Their Own Private Jet

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No doubt everyone feels captivated by the luxurious life of bollywood stars. To conclude the delight becomes their motivation about bollywood. Everyone wish his life to be like that of the bollywood stars, as to have that level of grandeur is not a thing for any common person. Where we have the desires of traveling in planes there the bollywood stars have their own private jets. So today we bring you 12 photos of celebrities that own a private jet.


12. Sunny Leone

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Yes, her name in this list is quite surprising but we all know Sunny Leone is the name synonymous with grandness.


11. Diljit Dosanjh


Yeah, the surprise is not over yet. The successful Punjabi singer as well as bollywood celebrity Diljit Dosanjh is the owner of a private jet.


10. Shilpa Shetty


One of the most successful actresses of late 90s Shilpa Shetty grabs her spot in the list with her private jet.


9. Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit is the most successful actress of 90s. As we know Madhuri Ji took a swing away from acting career but not from the lap of luxury.


8. Sridevi


In the pic Sridevi is posing with her friends and her private jet to flash the prosperousness. And showing how her life is a bed of roses.


7. Ajay Devgn


The simple looking yet effective bollywood actor is far away from simplicity if it is about having a luxurious life.


6. Priyanka Chopra


Admittedly we never had doubts about PCee missing this list and she just proved us right.


5. Ranveer Singh


Would you believe us if we say apart from horse riding lover the Baajirao of reel life likes to ride his private jet in real life?


4. Salman Khan


The amount of hype Salman khan brings is not good for any commercial plane. So good decision made by Salman Bhai.


3. Shah Rukh Khan


Posing with yo yo honey singh, Srk put his opulence to display which is difficult to obtain for anyone for us.


2. Akshay Kumar


Once again Akshay Kumar proved himself the prosperous khiladi. As playing in a private jet over a few thousand feet, definitely shows the khel and prosperity.


1. Amitabh Bachchan


We all know the undeniable hard work Amitabh Bachchan did in bollywood and the hard work pays off. As the life of the legend is brilliance.

No doubt, the life of the bollywood stars seems alluring but there is a fact that we have to follow that it is their hard work and dedication for their work that turned their life in opulence. So we need to seek the inspiration from their life.

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