8 Bollywood Actresses Who Underwent Lip Surgery And Failed Eventually

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Apart from the acting, Bollywood actresses are known for their looks. Undoubtedly they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. However, sometimes they get obsessed with their lips and undergo lip surgery. Somehow, sometimes the surgery does not end up the way they expect and the actresses have to regret their decision. Hence today we have brought you 8 such actresses that underwent the lip surgeries.


1. Gauhar Khan

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In the pursuit of beautiful lips, Gauhar Khan underwent a lip surgery that turn out to be a failure. Gauhar was deeply shaken by it and she refused to come in front of public for some time.


2. Anushka Sharma

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The news of Anushka Sharma’s lip surgery gained a huge popularity or notoriety over social media. However, the actress denied the authenticity of the news.  


3. Koena Mitra

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No doubt, her lips looked more appealing before the surgery than after the surgery.


4. Esha Deol

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Esha Deol has admitted that her lip surgery was an epic failure and led her to a suppressed career. However, later she got her lips fixed.


5. Kangana Ranaut

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Maybe the lip surgery look displeasing to us but in Kangana’s opinion it is not that bad.


6. Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra used to inspire the fans about how to be happy with your natural looks. However, she did not apply this rule to herself. The lips of the actress show that she got herself the lip job. No matter, how much she denies that.


7. Katrina Kaif

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Katrina Kaif had nothing to modify but still she wanted to take her pleasantness to a different level. Clearly, she went through the knives to get her lips modified.


8. Ayesha Takia

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She is the latest addition to the failed lip surgery list. Likewise, many other actresses she denies the authenticity of the lip surgery news. However, the lips don’t lie and the picture speaks in the contradiction of her statements.

Which one of these actresses has the most shocking results? Share your thoughts below.


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