Bihar Board Exam Copies Were Sold To A Scrap Dealer Before The Declaration Of Results – Police Arrested The Dealer

The Total Weight Of The Answer Sheets Was 121 KG

Bihar Board Exam Copies Soldvia

We all know an education board takes a long time to declare the results. As they have a lot of copies to check and a lot of data to manage. We all enjoy the duration between the end of exams and the declaration of results. As the results date comes nearer the intensity for a student increases. Well, this time the things got intense for Bihar Education board as something weird happened. The Board exam copies were sold to a junk dealer before the declaration of the results.


Board Exam Copies Were Sold To Junk Dealer

Bihar Board Exam Copies Sold

The results of the 10th class were scheduled to be declared on 20th June but due to an unusual problem perhaps the results will be declared on 26 June. The answer sheets of the students were placed safely but the peon made a deal with a scrap dealer. During the night time, he took all the copies to the scrap dealer and sold them out for Rs 8500.


The Peon Of The School Was Behind All This

Bihar Board Exam Copies Sold

The incident took place on 19th June in the SS +2 Highschool of Gopalganj. The Principle of the school, Pramod Kumar Shrivastav filed a complaint against the peon and the guard of the school. For the investigation purpose a search and investigation team was made and after the investigation, the police caught the scrap dealer named, Pappu Kumar Gupta.


Total Weight Of The Sheets Was 121 Kilogram

Bihar Board Exam Copies Sold

On further interrogation, Pappu told the Police that 17-18 days ago the peon of the school made a deal with him on phone. After that, he loaded the copies in an auto and delivered them at his shop. They are counting the number of answer sheets. Moreover, it is stated that the total weight of the copies were 121 Kilograms.

It is shocking to see how people have started to make these kinds deal with the future of students. We hope a strict action will be taken against the peon and the scrap dealer. What do you say? Share your thoughts in the comments. Also, check 10 things that you will experience in all boys/girls schools.

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