BH Series Number Plate: Everything About The Bharat-Series Number Plate You Need To Know

Its Benefits, How To Apply For It, And Everything

Bharat Series BH Number Plate

We often identify the home of several vehicles via the alphabet written on their number plates. For example, MH on a license plate stands for Maharashtra, DL is Delhi, HR is Haryana, and so on. However,  are you all aware of what stands for BH on a number plate? It stands for Bharat. Not long ago, the Indian government launched the Bharat series (BH) registration mark for vehicles. Via the ‘BH series number plate,’ one can avail of many benefits. If you have no idea about this number plate and are curious, then fret not.

Read on to enlighten yourself about everything about the BH series number plate.


BH Series Number Plate

BH Series Numer Plate Vehicle

Back on 28 August 2021, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways came up with the Bharat series number plates. It basically helps non-cargo vehicles to move from one state to another without applying for a new registration after the end of 12 months.

Earlier, what used to happen was that a vehicle registered in a particular state could only be allowed to be driven in another state for up to 12 months only. Furthermore, after that, new registration for the ‘moved-in state’ was a mandatory process to do. This is specifically stated in Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. It goes without saying that this was pretty problematic for the owners of vehicles who used to move a lot because of their jobs.

However, with the introduction of the BH series plates, the hassle has come to an end.


Here Are Its Benefits

Bharat Series Numer Plate Car

The BH stands for Bharat, meaning it applies to the whole country. With its introduction, people who travel to different states for their job can save up a lot of their time and energy. Furthermore, what is another exciting benefit for the vehicles registered under this number plate is that the tax levied on them is in multiple of two years. Say 4,6, or a maximum of 14. However, the vehicles that are not under this nameplate are bound to pay tax for 15-20 years.

On the other hand, if we talk about its cost, an eight percent tax is applicable on the invoice for vehicles under Rs 10 lakh. It rises to ten percent for vehicles ranging from Rs 10 and Rs 20 lakh and 12 percent for vehicles worth Rs 20 lakh.

To sum it up, its significant benefits include; hassle-free ownership across the country, low, upfront cost, and lower road tax.


How To Apply For It

BH Series Numer Plate Car

Everyone is eligible to apply for the BH series number plate. Be it a public sector employee or a private sector with offices in more than four states, everyone can go ahead and avail of the benefits of the BH number plate. However, the most important question is how to apply for it. The whole process is digital; after the state authorities go through the proof of your eligibility, you can log into the road and transport ministry’s Vahan portal. There, you can easily apply for it. Interestingly, the car dealership can also apply for the BH number plate.


Have A Look At The BH Series Number

Bharat Series Numer Plate Meaning

If we talk about the look of the BH series number plate, it is exactly like any regular number plate. It just starts like YY BH #### XX, where the YY is for the year of registration, BH is Bharat, followed by a 4-digit number, and finally, two alphabets.

So, for example, 22 BH 7438 AB means the vehicle was registered in the year 2022, BH is for Bharat, 7438 is a computerized registered number, and AB is the vehicle category.

Here have a look at an example of the BH series number plate.

What are your thoughts about it? Would you go for it? Do tell us via the comments below.

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