BCCI Reportedly Considers New Pay Structure And Bonus After Ishan Kishan And Shreyas Iyer Skip Domestic Cricket

BCCI Mulls Over Revised Pay Structure After Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer's Defiance


In a surprising turn of events, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is reportedly contemplating a revised pay structure following Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer‘s decision to bypass domestic cricket in favor of IPL preparation.


A Shift In Pay Structure

Shreyas Iyer Test

Under the proposed remuneration model, Test cricketers may receive additional bonuses for their commitment to red-ball cricket. This move aims to incentivize players to prioritize Test matches, encouraging a balanced approach amidst the allure of T20 leagues. Therefore, the revised pay structure suggests rewarding players participating in all Test series within a calendar year. Thus, this bonus, in addition to the annual retainer contract, aims to emphasize the importance of Test cricket and ensure players’ dedication to the most extended format.


Encouraging Red-Ball Cricket

SG Ball India

With the rise of T20 leagues and international fixtures, the BCCI seeks to foster a renewed interest in Test cricket among young players. So, by offering financial incentives, the board hopes to cultivate a generation of cricketers committed to the traditional format.


Rohit Sharma’s Call For Commitment

Rohit Sharma WTC Final

Echoing the sentiments of the BCCI, Indian captain Rohit Sharma emphasizes the significance of red-ball cricket. Also, Rohit Sharma asserts that only players with a genuine passion for Test cricket will earn opportunities to represent the nation in the longest format.


Mandatory Red-Ball Cricket For IPL Eligibility?

Ishan Kishan Not In Team

In a related development, there are discussions within the BCCI about making red-ball cricket appearances mandatory for players aiming to participate in the IPL. This potential requirement underscores the board’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded cricketers. The recent incidents involving Kishan and Iyer have prompted a reevaluation of the existing pay structure. The BCCI’s response signals a shift towards recognizing and rewarding players’ dedication to Test cricket.


Looking Ahead

As cricket enthusiasts await the finalization of the revised pay structure. Therefore, the focus remains on fostering a culture that values Test cricket alongside the excitement of T20 leagues. With the potential changes set to take effect post-IPL 2024. Thus, the cricketing landscape could witness a resurgence of interest in the traditional format. The BCCI’s contemplation of a revised pay structure reflects a broader effort to reaffirm Test cricket’s significance in the modern era. As discussions progress, the cricketing community anticipates a renewed emphasis on red-ball cricket. It is also driven by financial incentives and a collective commitment to the sport’s timeless tradition.


Navigating Challenges

Virat Kohli Rohit Sharma Hilarious Reaction
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The proposed changes aim to elevate Test Cricket’s status. So, challenges lie ahead in implementing and enforcing the revised pay structure. Balancing the allure of lucrative T20 leagues with the demands of traditional cricket formats presents a delicate task for cricket administrators. Yet, with proactive measures and a concerted effort from players and governing bodies alike. Thus, the future of Test cricket appears poised for revitalization. As discussions evolve and decisions are made, the cricketing fraternity eagerly awaits the dawn of a new era. The red-ball game once again takes center stage in the hearts and minds of players and fans alike.

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