Baltimore Bridge Collapse Tragedy: Everything We Know About The Francis Scott Key Bridge Disaster

Baltimore Bridge Collapse Tragedyvia

Baltimore, Maryland, witnessed a devastating tragedy on Tuesday morning. A cargo ship lost power and crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The collision caused a portion of the bridge to collapse, sending both people and vehicles plummeting into the icy waters of the Patapsco River. Six individuals who were working on the bridge are presumed dead, whereas two were rescued. As authorities shift from rescue to recovery operations, questions emerge regarding the circumstances leading to the collision and the necessary precautions to prevent similar incidents in the future.


When And Where Did It Happen?

The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. local time in Baltimore, Maryland. DALI, a cargo ship, suddenly lost its power. The vessel has suddenly lost its engines and electrical work, facing a total blackout. The boat, which is approximately 984-foot long and 157-foot wide, was leaving Baltimore before the collision. The boat needed to reach Colombo on April 22, 2024.

The evidence in the description states that the helmsman tried to put the vessel in an orderly situation using emergency measures like dropping anchors and steering away from the bridge. However, it was too late. The video footage clearly depicts the destroyer moving toward one of the bridge’s support columns before impact, resulting in the subsequent deterioration of the structure.


Reason Behind Baltimore Bridge Collapse Tragedy

Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The incident happened when the DALI ship, a Singaporean-flagged vessel, lost its electric energy and rammed into the bridge, as per the reports by The New York Times. Despite the captain’s efforts to avoid the collision by dropping anchors and steering maneuvers, the impact was ironically unavoidable. The authorities presume that six workers, constituting a construction crew engaged in bridge repairs, are dead. The entire community is presently mourning.


Casualties In Baltimore Bridge Collapse Tragedy

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

Following the incident, rescue teams are present at the scene. They saved two individuals while six remain missing and presumed dead. Admiral Gilreath stated that due to factors including low water temperature, it is now tough to find the missing individuals alive in the Patapsco River. At the same time, the Coast Guard and other stakeholders were present at the site.

There are no known casualties among the 22 crew members, all Indian nationals, who were aboard the DALI ship. President Joe Biden praised the members of the Indian crew for their heroic acts. According to sources, the missing individuals are all alleged to be from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. One of the identified persons is a 34-year-old Honduran citizen, Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandova.


Joe Biden’s Statement On The Incident

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore

President Joe Biden has pledged that the federal government is set to be solely responsible for the reconstruction of the bridge. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland is working to gather the influential legislators in Congress and get funding for this special cause. He said,

“I strongly applaud the swift response of the ‘Dali’ crew in contacting the Department of Transportation, Maryland about the hazardous circumstances in which they had been since the moment they lost control of their boat. Timely communications with the local authorities cause the stop of traffic to the bridge preventing further loss of life. Courage and foresight of the people in this incident is truly commendable.”

The Francis Bridge, situated on the banks of the Patapsco River in Maryland, underwent construction in 1977. It received its name in honor of Francis Scott, who composed the American national anthem. Last year, the bridge transported nearly $667 billion worth of foreign cargo, totaling 52 million tons, according to information on the Maryland government’s website. Over 15,000 employees in Maryland have benefitted from this port’s direct employment. Nearly 139,000 people in Maryland depend on it for their livelihood.

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