Ayesha Omar Responds To A Fan Who Asked About Her Relationship With Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malika And Ayesha Omar

For a long time, Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza have been in the spotlight. There has also been news of their divorce. It came after the Pakistani cricketer was accused of having an affair with Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar while married to Sania Mirza. However, nothing is clear now, and none of the celebrities have commented about it. Being a celebrity allows you to have many fans, but this comes at the expense of your public life. Celebrities who do not have an open public life do not receive much media attention. Ayesha Omar, a well-known Pakistani actress, experienced a similar incident.


Ayesha Omar Replies To A Fan


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Fans frequently become overly involved in the lives of their favorite celebrities. Furthermore, it is very uncommon for fans to ask personal questions and lose sight of the importance of personal boundaries. Ayesha Omar, a Pakistani actress, is in link with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Additionally, there is a rumor that says that Ayesha and the cricketer got close during a bold magazine shoot in 2021. A comment made by the actress on her social media page in 2021 has just gone viral. Following her shoot last year, several fans slammed Ayesha. They accused her of spoiling Malik’s marriage with Sania Mirza.

Ayesha Omar Shoaib Malik

Initially, the actress remained silent about the accusation. However, she responded to one of her Instagram followers last year. A fan asked about the actress’s plans to marry Shoaib Malik. Ayesha responded by saying that Malik is happily married and that she respects the couple. She also stated that she and Shoaib are good friends and well-wishers and that such relationships exist worldwide. This is what she wrote,

“He is happily married, and I respect the couple. I and Shoaib are good friends and well-wishers, these types of relationships also exist in the world.”

While the actress’s statement may have clarified some of her “disturbed” and “inquisitive” fans, the rumors continue circulating.


Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza Announce Show Together

Shoaib Malik Sania Mirza

While rumors of Malik and Mirza’s divorce spread, they surprised everyone by launching a new show together. However, the complexities of the couple’s current relationship are unknown. Sania and Shoaib were married in 2010 and welcomed their son, Izhaan, in 2018. The 35-year-old ace Indian tennis player announced in January of this year that she will retire at the end of the current season. While living away from Shoaib, she has also been co-parenting Izhaan.

Things take a crazy turn when celebrities get into a love affair. Another curious piece of information that has reportedly emerged is that Sania recently relocated to a new home in Dubai. Previously, Sania lived in a villa on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah with Shoaib Malik. She has, however, now relocated to a new area in Dubai.

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