Arham Premier League APL 2023: A Jain Cricket Tournament For Noble Cause To Start From January 8, 2023

APL 2023

Cricket is a religion in India. Almost every person in the country is fond of cricket. Not only do people watch cricket, but they are also fond of playing the game. From big cities to small towns, cricket tournaments are held and are equally successful. As we all know, there is only 0.40% Jain population in India. We are covering the tennis ball cricket tournament of the Jain community, Arham Premier League 2023, starting from January 8, 2023, at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. It is the third edition of the Jain cricket tournament. The last two seasons were super successful. The teams from different Jain temples and nearby towns participate in the event. This year 20 teams are participating in the event. The tournament is not just for fun but for the betterment and maintenance of Jinalayas (Jain Temples).


Motive Of Arham Premier League

Nainagiri Jain Temple

Recently, we discussed with Sanjay Jain (Sanju) from the organizing committee. He told us that the Arham Premier League and the Arham group work as a bridge called Sahyog Setu between different Jain people and the Jinalayas. Sanju said,

“The purpose of the Arham Premier League is to bring the Jain community closer. There are many small towns and villages where the Jain community is less in number due to migration to big cities. The temples over there do not have a source of income. In most places, there are no security arrangements and even a shortage of materials used in the temples. In some places, there are no proper roads connected to the temples, even no sign board, and also some temples also need renovation.”

We, Arham Group, have information related to the maintenance of Jinalayas from many such villages. The work of such temples is done through Sahyog Setu. It is a four-step process.”

  • Survey
  • Propaganda
  • Construction
  • Village temple worship
Sanjay Jain Sanju Sagar Arham Premier League APL

Sanju continued,

“Sahyog Setu Yojana has been made for work in phases. Every donation is important. As every donation is being used for the protection work of one or the other village Jain temple. The entire Arham group requests you to donate whatever amount you want because it is a matter of protection and renovation of the village Jain temples. We collect your donation and provide the same to those temples and complete the work there.”


Arham Premier League

Arham Premier League Taran XI vs Arham
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Arham Premier League is starting on January 8, 2023, with 20 teams participating in the tournament. There is an opening ceremony from 9 AM at DPS School ground, Khurai Road, Sagar. The teams are divided into four groups, with five teams each. The four groups are Sammed Shikharji, Girnarji, Gomtesh Ji, and Hastinapur Ji. All the names are of religious places for the Jain community. The top 2 teams will qualify for the next knockout round, followed by the semi-final and final. The match will also stream live on the Cricheroes app. The organizing committee made sure the audience enjoyed the game to the fullest. There will be commentary and also a music band to perform. The first match of the tournament is between Arham Warriors and Taran XI.

Arham Premier League 2023

This is such a noble cause. Jain community from all over the world reading Entertales should participate and donate for the betterment of our Jain temples and community. This year, there are 20 teams, and we firmly believe, reading the article and the noble cause of the tournament, there will be more teams playing in the next tournament. Entertales will provide you with updates on every match of the tournament.

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