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Each year, there are rumors that Apple is developing a search engine to compete with Google and Microsoft’s Bing. Even still, Google pays Apple annually to maintain its position as the default search engine on all iOS devices. This practice is the subject of an antitrust lawsuit and has drawn the ire of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Currently, Apple has no intentions to stop using Google as its primary search engine. What if you get to know that every user, including you, already uses Apple’s own search engine? Continue reading to know more.


Pegasus By Apple

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Pegasus is a well-known spyware that many authoritarian regimes have employed to snoop on journalists, critics, and opposition figures, which frequently causes people to turn their heads when they hear the name. However, there is another Pegasus that Apple has been developing secretly, and it is entirely focused on search.

According to a piece by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in this weekend’s Power On newsletter, John Giannandrea, a former Google executive who now oversees machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) at Apple, is the head of Pegasus.


Spotlight: An Apple iPhone Feature

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Gurman claims that this Pegasus is already being used in the current iteration of the App Store and may be a never-ending work in progress. Additionally, Pegasus can be clearly visible in Spotlight, an iPhone feature that Apple users use to locate programs when they are not on the Home Screen.

Originally designed to identify programs, the Spotlight feature may now also search the internet. Bing used to handle Spotlight searches. However, this has since changed to an internal process. Even though Spotlight is swift and effective in its current state, it is far from becoming a full-fledged search engine and behaves very differently from Google Search.


The Applebot

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Safari doesn’t yet support searching. However, if and when Apple decides to stop using Google, it may do so in the near future.
Apple has been utilizing its web crawler to provide people with pertinent results when they search for information online. Furthermore, it has been known as Applebot for years. It appears that as part of its agreement with Google, Apple makes about $8 billion annually.

Would you be willing to give up Google in favor of Apple Search? Tell us in the comments section below. Your response is much awaited.

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