Anand Mahindra Replies On Competition With Tata Motors; His Answer Wins Hearts

Anand Mahindra Replies Tata Motors

There are a few exemplary humanitarians in a world full of grumpy business people who are not concerned about doubling their digits. One such example is Mr. Anand Mahindra. Anand Mahindra is one of the most active business people on Twitter. He is known for his wicked responses and for helping people on Twitter. Not only this, but he also interacts with people over Twitter. Recently, a user asked about his feelings on Tata Motors.


Anand Mahindra Replies Win Hearts

Anand Mahindra

The Chairman of the Mahindra Group responded to the user who asked him what he thought about Tata Motors. A humble man said it is a privilege to have strong competitors like Tata Motors. He also added that competition spurs innovation. Anand Mahindra wrote,

It’s a privilege to have strong competitors like @TataMotors They keep reinventing themselves and that inspires us to do even better… Competition spurs Innovation..

In the same tweet, a user complimented Mahindra’s XUV car and wrote that finally, India is into luxury cars. Anand Mahindra replied to the tweet and wrote,

“The best endorsements are from people with no bias-for or against-via a random encounter with the vehicle. Thank you for making my day Harinder. And my passion can be taken for granted, but it springs directly from the entire auto team, who, in fact, are called #Passioneers.”

People applauded Mahindra’s  Chairperson for his generous reply to the competitor. There are few people who praise their competitors, and Anand Mahindra is one of them. One of the many things we can learn from Anand Mahindra is indeed simplicity.

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