Anand Mahindra Helps The Famous Cobbler Or Shoe Doctor And Social Media Is All In Praises

Anand Mahindra Helps Cobbler via

Remember the famous cobbler doctor whose image was viral all over the social media one week back. He is now again in the news because Anand Mahindra has now offered to build a proper workspace for him.  Anand Mahindra, the great business is a beautiful human being too. He is very active on his Twitter handle and keeps posting about anything he finds interesting. Here’s the entire story about the famous cobbler or shoe doctor.


Excellent Marketing Skills

A few days back, he uploaded a picture of a roadside cobbler with the caption, “This man should be teaching Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management”. This was because he really liked the way how the small cobbler presented his workspace and his marketing skills.

Later he posted another tweet asking everyone if they can find him as he wanted to invest in his start-up. He also shared that he received the picture from WhatsApp.

So, he finally found him and shared his plans on Twitter.


Help To The Cobbler

The happy news is that Anand Mahindra tweeted yesterday that his team has found out about that cobbler. They met him and asked how they could help him. In a series of tweets, he posted,

“Recall my tweet about Narseeji, the cobbler? Our team in Harayana met him&asked how we could help.A simple&humble man.Instead of asking for money, he said he needed a good workspace. I asked our Design Studio team from Mumbai to design a kiosk that was functional & yet aesthetic (1/2)”

He is designing a workspace for him and shared the pictures on Twitter also. In another tweet, he said,

“They flew down to meet him & produced these ideas. We would be delighted to get your inputs on the analysis & approaches & which you prefer. We want to design something that enhances the pavement aesthetic & hopefully create a template for roadside vendors..(2/2)”

This is really thoughtful of Anand Mahindra. As soon as he shared about this, people on social media started praising him for his good deed.


Praises From All Over The Social Media

People started reacting and giving their suggestions on how the workspace should be designed. They even praised him.


1. Compared Him To Elon Musk


2. Inspiration To Many


3. Such Things Are Seen In Movies Only



Anand Mahindra is surely an inspiration to many. People who have talent needs to be pushed to achieve their dreams. Click here to read the story of the World’s Youngest Female Boeing 777 Commander who is from Vijayawada, India.