Open Book Examinations Approved By AICTE And GATE Not Mandatory For Engineering Students

AICTE Approves Open Book Examinationsvia

The new examination reforms policy which has been facilitated by the AICTE recently has acknowledged that the conventional method of written exam promotes the superficial application of knowledge. This way, there is no practical learning and only memory is being tested. To avoid this, Open Book examinations have been approved by the AICTE. This will be less stressful for the students and it won’t be just demanding memory skills but other skills like understanding, interpreting and reasoning as well. This will give us better Engineers than just the ones who mug up the syllabus to clear exams.


Open Book Examinations Approved By AICTE

AICTE Approves Open Book Examinations

These open book examinations are held in a way that the students can make use of their class notes, course reading, and other endorsed material while answering the questions. This way, they will be showing their true abilities in application, evaluation, analysis and understanding.


AICTE Approves Open Book Examinations

Very soon, Engineering students will be allowed to take their books with them and write examinations in their college. AICTE approved colleges will soon announce the same for all their students. This will surely stop the traditional trend of students memorizing the content in the books and reproducing them on the answer sheets with memory.


Ashok Shettar, chairperson AICTE committee on examination reform and vice chancellor KLE Technological University confirmed this, as he said,

“The way we conduct exams traditionally only assesses students based on their ability to reproduce knowledge. Through these guidelines, we aim to reform the way we assess our students. We are aiming to match the assessment system with the outcome-based framework our education and industry has adopted based on performance indicators.”


GATE Not Mandatory As Exit Exam

AICTE Approves Open Book Examinations

Earlier rumours started spreading that GATE is mandatory for Engineering students as an exit exam. However, AICTE has confirmed that it is incorrect and it is a false news. They also released a press release backing the same.


In a public notice, the apex body for engineering education clarified that no such condition was imposed till date and the students shouldn’t believe in rumours.


“AICTE has noted with concern that some reports stating that they have decided to make GATE as mandatory exit examination. The council hasn’t issued any such notification. This is issued to clarify all stakeholders,”

the notice issued on Tuesday by vice-chairman M P Poonia on AICTE website mentioned.


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