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China Has A New Way To Punish People Who Abandon Their Parents – Read On



Huangfeng’s way to punish the children who neglect their parents

Respecting Parents is the duty of all the children and the relationship with that of parents is the sacred and purest form of relationship. It is shameful to those children who neglect their parents and ill-treat them most often in public and private places.



A particular village in China, Huangfeng, has a unique way to punish such shameful act. They put the names and photo of the person who neglects their old parents and ill-treat them.



These villagers adopted the idea from the Filial Piety, a Confucian philosophy. The main idea of the philosophy is that the elders and parents posses a strong value and respect in the Chinese customs.



Initially the adults in the village tried to talk to the ones who did such a shameful act. However, when the adults continued with such shameful acts, the villagers decided to take such actions against them.

The villagers are planning to announce the adults’ names on loud speakers, if the posters do not work.



There are laws in China that empowers the ageing parents to force their children to take care of them. In 2013, the laws even made compulsory for adults to give their parents emotional supports and look after them regularly by visiting them often.


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