These Incredible Female Officers In Armed Forces Who Made The Nation Proud

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5. Divya Ajith Kumar

Divya Ajith Kumar

Captain Divya Ajith Kumar first caught everybody’s attention when she leads the women contingent consisting of 154 officers and cadets combined during the 2015 Republic Day celebrations when the then US president Barack Obama was the chief guest. In her early years, she joined the National Cadet Corps, and from there she was inspired to join the army. She teaches at Officers Training Academy in Chennai and travels to schools and colleges to encourage students to consider going in the armed forces. In 2010, Kumar became the first woman in the history of the Indian Army to receive the coveted ‘Sword of Honour’ prize, which is awarded to the best cadet.


6. Priya Jhingan


She created history by being the first female cadet to join the Indian Army. She was enrolled as 001 on September 21, 1992. She was so determined to join the armed forces that after completing her graduation, she wrote a letter to the then Chief of Army Staff, requesting him to let women join the army. A year later, along with 23 other cadets she also joined the army. She served the nation for 10 years in the armed forces and describes every day of her in the army as a dream.


7. Ganeve Lalji

Ganeve Lalji

Lieutenant Ganeve Lalji, a young intelligence officer, has the distinction of being the first woman to be appointed as a key aide to an Army Commander. A third-generation Army officer, Lt Lalji was commissioned in the Corps of Military Intelligence in 2011 and later in 2013, after a rigorous selection process, she was selected for the coveted post.


8. Mitali Madhumita

Mitali Madhumita Female Officers

Lt Col Mitali Madhumita became India’s first female Army officer to have won a gallantry award for saving at least 19 lives during the February 2010 terrorist attack in Kabul. The officer was in a nearby guesthouse when she got the information of the attack on the Indian facility. She rushed to the spot, running the 2km distance and on reaching there, personally extricated several Army officers buried under the rubble.

The zeal and energy of these female officers showed us how we can emerge with brilliance after successfully and honestly competing with our hardships. And now they are an inspiration for many generations to come. Do you know about Sachin Atulkar? He is the fittest IPS Officer and even Bollywood stars feel jealous looking at his physique.

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