7 Characteristics To Learn From Chhota Bheem


Chhota Bheem, a 9 year old boy who lives in Dholakpur, a mythical city. Chhota Bheem is an adventurous and fun-loving animation series. Dholakpur is attacked by thieves, robbers and wizards. Chhota Bheem saves the city with his intelligence, courage, bravery and strength. There are 6 other members in the team namely jaggu, Raju, chutki, Kalia, Dholu-Bholu. They altogether fight against demons and evils.



It became a favorite TV show to not only kids but also to youngsters. Here are the characteristics to learn from dynamic courageous Chhota Bheem.


1. Stay Together And Stay United



When you are united, it gives you immense strength to fight against disruptive forces. Even though Kalia is egoistic, he unites with Bheem when it comes to the welfare of the city. Unity is a foremost prerequisite for achieving growth in your career as well as life.


2. Offer Help To The Needy

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Whether it could be friends or strangers, Bheem always help and save them from dreadful dangers. So, always help others and be grateful when you get help.


3. Be Bold And Courageous


Bheem is courageous, bold, intelligent and wise. When you are bold and courageous, you can tackle any problem or situation very strongly and bravely. When you are intelligent and wise, you will know what is right and what is wrong. Bheem is physically strong and so he is free from fear. So, be strong always.


4. Always Be Alert And Stay Calm


Bheem is always alert about his surroundings and so senses the threat that is coming and protects others. When you are alert, you can save yourself from impending dangers. When your mind is alert, you can always find the right path. So, always stay alert and conscious. When you are calm and peace, you will have control on your actions and gives incredible power. Bheem is always calm, so he can sense the forthcoming dangers and takes necessary actions before it occurs.

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5. Be Humorous And Happy



Life is too short to be serious. Having a good sense of humor will diffuse any sort of problems and gives relief from stress. Bheem always makes fun of Kalia even though he embarrasses him with his tricks. Develop a sense of humor and spread it in and around to live the life happily.


6. Kill Your Ego, Jealous And Be Friends


Ego kills you faster more than others. Jealous is a dangerous negative force that destroys oneself. Kalia is highly jealous of Bheem’s reputations and strength and tries all wicked plans to make him down which ultimately reflected on him. So, never be jealous on the growth and success of others. Appreciate yourself for what you have and maintain the healthy relationship with others.

7. Share Food With Others



Sharing food makes you a better person as it develops altruistic behavior. Bheem always shares food with his friends. It gives you joy and happiness and builds the healthy bond.

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