5 Signs That A Bookmaker Is A Scam

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The internet has become the breeding ground for fraudsters, scammers, smugglers, etc. That said, we need to be extra careful when dealing with money on the internet, especially in betting. Due to the sudden popularity of online betting these past few years, many new online bookies have popped up. While most of these online bookies are legit, some can be running some sort of fraud on the inside, or they are outright scams through and through.

Knowing that these online bookies will steal your money is pretty scary, so we always need to check if the online bookies we frequent are legit. But with that in mind, how exactly do we know that? Fortunately, some signs tell you if a bookie is a scam. These signs are pretty easy to spot if you know what and where you should look.


Strange Or Weird Name

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Have you ever heard of JackDaddysSportsbook or VIPBetZone? These are some pretty weird names for a legit sportsbook, but you’d probably be surprised that these are actual bookies. However, they are forced to close down because they are running scams. So, with that in mind, what do you think they have in common? Yes, their names. If you run into online bookies with nonsensical or outright silly names, there’s a good chance that they are scams.

There’s an obvious disinterest in naming here, probably because they are not for the long term or they are poor English speakers. Yes, some of these scam bookies operate outside the US, which is why the strange name exists.


Bad Reviews


One surefire way to know the reputation of an online bookie is to run a quick Google search with their name. You will be directed to current reviews or news articles regarding the online bookie. Of course, if the first page alone consists of walls of text that talk about how bad the online bookie is or allegations about it being a scam or running one, then your best bet should be to avoid that online bookie.

It is one thing for a betting site to be in the news since it usually doesn’t prove anything, but if there are tons of testimonials talking about how scummy the online bookie is, that should turn on your scam radar. Don’t be afraid to dig past the first page of Google since some online bookies are known to do reviews for themselves to make their site look good. Your best move here would usually be to go to online forums with the online bookie in mind and see if there are reviews about them.

Luckily, reputable bookies don’t need to bother with that anymore. Their reputation usually speaks for itself. Fortunately, the majority of online bookies you see on the internet are legit. That said, if you want to bet on cricket, there are countless legit betting sites like Betway cricket betting.


Unprofessional Website Design

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One of the main selling points of online bookies is its design. This is essential since first impressions are important, and nobody wants to bet on a site that looks very unprofessional. But what does it mean? Usually, scam bookies don’t care about the design of their website since they are not here for the long term.

This means they don’t need to hire a real website developer since they will erase their whole website once they get their stolen deposits. That said, if the website looks shoddy, then that should raise red flags in your mind.


Random Emails

Have you ever received an email from a bookie with whom you recently created an account? All emails that entice you to deposit in your account should be handled with caution except for authorization or email confirmation purposes. Most scam bookies use this technique to lure people into depositing.

Some would even babble about promotions you can enjoy if you deposit into your account. Legit bookies don’t need to email people to make a deposit. Email spamming is illegal in most first-world countries, not to mention that it’s a huge turn-off for potential bettors, and it makes the online bookie look unprofessional.


Too Good to Be True Promotions

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Overly generous promotions are certainly attractive for bettors. Promotions like free money, free spins, discounts, etc., can entice you to create an account with an online bookie and make a deposit. However, if you know how online bookies work, these promotions come with a catch. For example, in the case of free money in your first deposit, you must deposit a specific minimum amount before you can get the free money.

Of course, the occasional big bonus is another thing. Some bookies usually boost their promotions during seasons of the year like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. However, if the bonus is out of the blue, you might want to take precautions. Wouldn’t call this a guarantee, but if the online bookie offers a very generous bonus for no reason, that should raise some alarm bells.


Final Words

Scam bookies are on the rise, especially because online betting is very popular nowadays. That said, you should not be complacent when checking an online bookie if you want to keep your money in your pockets. If even one red flag is raised, your best move should be to find another online bookie instead.

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