5 Reasons Why Being Sick SUCKS!


Nobody likes being sick. It’s just plain messed up. Being sick shouldn’t have been a thing. Here’s why:


1. Everybody Wants To Stay Away From You

Obviously, your sickness is contagious and nobody wants to get a flu from you. Hence they all just stay away.



2. You Can’t Taste Anything Anymore

Having a cold is the WORST! You stop tasting everything and everything is just bland. You have cravings for some dessert but you can’t taste it. You crave for some hot soup but you can’t taste that either!



3. You Start Missing The Times When You Weren’t Sick

You ponder upon all the times when you didn’t have a block nose and you took it for granted. What’s worse than regret!



4. You Start Feeling Needy

You start longing for people to tuck you into the bed and massage your feet, rub some balm over your forehead, make you hot chocolate and just take care of you. 🙁



5. It’s Always Too Cold Or Too Hot

The weather never feels perfect for you. You’ll always feel it to be too hot or way too cold, hence freezing you into ice cubes!



Now we all know that getting sick is one of the last things everybody wants to do. Stay safe and take care of your health. After all, health IS wealth!


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