5 Places In Our Country India Which Are Banned For Indians


The fact is hard to believe, but this is some “ugly truth” of the time, that there are still places in India, which are still banned for Indians. These places allow entries to only foreigners. This may be because of their high earning purpose but whatever be the reason, sometimes the behavior seems unpardonable. Below is the list of 5 places, where Indians are still banned.


1. Uno-In-Hotel, Bengaluru


The hotel Uno-In which is placed in Bengaluru was set up in 2012, only for Japanese people. Although, the hotel was winded up by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation in 2014, for practicing racial discrimination. But, we hardly see any point in building a separate hotel for Japanese visitors in India. Do we?


2. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol


The free kasol café in Himachal Pradesh came into limelight in the year 2015, when the café owner denied an Indian woman for service, while welcomed the Israelis. I am sure, the foreign visitors do not expect for such “great” hospitality.


3. A Lodge In Chennai

Banned Indians

The hotel is serving under the pseudonym of ‘Highlands.’ Based in Chennai, the hotel serves only visitors who possess a non-Indian passport. As per a story on Deccan Herald, a “No Indian” policy is legitimately followed in the hotel, where the NRIs possessing non-Indian passport can stay here. This is highly non-understandable!


4. ‘Foreigners Only’ Beaches In GOA

Banned For Indians

Now, there is not one but a number of beach huts and restaurant owners based in Goa who allows only foreign tourists, shunning Indians away. These guys should look for an income alternative! For sure!


5. Foreigners Only Beaches in Puducherry


Puducherry is no different from Goa in the scenario. There are beaches, restaurants, and shacks in Puducherry, where only foreigners can land.

So, even after more than 5 decades of independence, some of us are not totally excluded from that same old phase. Until we respect our people, why would others do? Integrity should not be a mere principle! Check out the various Indian advertisements which were so controversial that they were banned.

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