25-Year-Old Girl Nargis Found Dead Near Aurbindo College In South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar

Delhi Malviya Nagar Nargis Murder

Delhi is slowly and steadily becoming the crime capital of the world. Recently, another murder has been reported in the country’s capital. A 25-year-old person, identified as Nargis, was mercilessly murdered with an iron pole outside Aurobindo School in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar on July 28, 2023. She was a student of Kamala Nehru School and had gone to the recreation area with her male friend when this happened. To know more about the details, continue reading.


Nargis Was Brutally Murdered

25-Year-Old Girl Nargis Found Dead

As per reports, Nargis was hit with an iron pole inside a recreation area close to Aurobindo School. The police tracked down her body with serious head wounds. An iron bar was tracked down close to her body. And further, a primer examination proposes that the young lady was gone after the pole.

The episode has ignited shock and worry among people in general, featuring the requirement for expanded well-being measures and attention to keep such occurrences from happening from here on out. Ladies’ well-being has been a central issue in Delhi, with a few instances of brutality against ladies being accounted for lately. May her soul be at peace now.


The Police’s Take On The Murder

The police have sent off an examination concerning the matter and are attempting to recognize the culprit. The intention behind the assault is yet to be determined.


Who’s The Actual Culprit Behind The Murder?

The ruthless homicide of a 25-year-elderly person with an iron bar outside Aurobindo School in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar is a shocking sign of the requirement for expanded well-being measures. Further, the attention to keep such episodes from happening from now on. The public authority and policing should make a severe move to guarantee the well-being and security of women in the city. The occurrence has started shock and worry among people in general. They are featuring the requirement for society to meet up to resolve the issue of brutality against ladies.

It’s safe to say that Delhi is no longer a safe space for women. Once worshiped like goddesses, women are now being brutally beaten and killed. Is this the equality they deserve? Are women worth being slaughtered like this? Have you ever witnessed such a case of domestic violence? Also, do let us know your take on the increasing number of domestic violence against women. Moreover, stay tuned for further updates.

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