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India is undoubtedly one of the best countries ever. It has the best people and the best food. Here are ten reasons why India is one of the best:


1. The Exemplary Hospitality

It is known to all that India abides by the principle “Atithi Devo Bhava”. Everyone in the country treats each other and foreign guests with absolute respect. It is truly admirable how selfless Indians are. One of the reasons why tourists keep flocking to the country is because of the generous and warm treatment meted out to them. 

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2. Family Before Anything Else

Everybody in India values and respects their family more than anything else in the world. Family always takes the numero uno priority. Parents don’t even pressurize their kids to move out and make their own livings. They allow their kids to move at their own comfortable paces.  

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3. Respect For Elders

All Indians hold immense respect for their elders, right from falling to their feet for blessings, not answering back in a rude manner, not unnecessarily raising their voice and more. Our country teaches us that respecting our elders is very important.

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4. Respecting All Religions

Considering how Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism originated in India, it is a given that everybody respects every other religion in the country. Every citizen is given complete freedom regarding what religion he wishes to follow. 

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5. Multilingualism

The co-existence of a plethora of languages within the geographical bounds of a country leads to multilingualism. Every person in India happens to know at least 2-3 languages. This prevails more in the South of India where most people know 4-6 languages each. 


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6. Selflessness

Sharing amongst each other is very common in India(except between siblings, of course. Who shares with siblings!) Even neighbors share sweets and other delicacies with each other. 

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7. Unification Of Many Cultures

It is truly admirable how there is a very gracious unification of many cultures in India. Each State seems to own a culture of its own and India beautifully holds it all together without any dissolution of cultural aspects.

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8. Patience

Considering how most fathers in every household sit for hours watching the series of cricket matches and news channels despite several advertisements coming in every 5 minutes, we can reckon how patient they are. Even in the tedious traffic in most cities, people patiently wait for the signals to turn green. 

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9. To Be Happy

Despite its poverty, India maintains a decent level of aggregate happiness because to us, money is not the most important thing. Even the poorest of the poor find happiness in family and other immaterial things. 

Disclaimer: This is not to say that poverty is a good thing or that it doesn’t have to be eradicated. 

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10. Habit of Reading

Indians are the world's biggest bookworms, reading on average 10.7 hours a week, twice as long as Americans, according to a survey. Studies also say that much of the Indian reading is educational.


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India is one of the best countries ever and this article proves just that! We're all proud to be Indian, aren't we?


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