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10 Reasons Why Kamasutra Is The Ultimate Sex Guide


The Kamasutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text written by Vatsyayana. It prescribes a standard in sexual behavior in the Sanskrit literature. (We all already knew this, didn’t we! *wink*)


1. It Teaches You To Be More Attractive

The book teaches people how to live a healthy sexual and family life. It teaches people how to set the mood, how to dress, how to prepare and more. It basically ensures that you learn how to be more attractive and learn to be confident and sexy in your own ways.  

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2. It Allows You To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

The book states that in order to achieve greater sexual pleasure, you need to be comfortable with yourself, your ways and appearances. It thus promotes sexuality. Nothing better than a piece of literature that helps you be confident about yourself!

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3. Kamasutra Helps You Choose The Right Partner

It advises you on how to find the right partner and on what criteria to judge him/her, how to woo him/her, how to make yourself sexually appealing and how to please him/her well.

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4. Kamasutra Proves That Time and Technology Change, But The Art Of Love-making Does Not.

Considering the fact that the book was written in the 3rd century and it is still relevant today, it is safe to conclude that the art of love-making is constant and does not change.

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5. Encourages Participation Of The Woman and The Man

No position is designed especially for the either sex. All the positions in the book require an equal contribution from both ends in order to make the intercourse fulfilling and fruitful. It helps avoid monotony.

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6. Kamasutra Makes It Pleasurable For All Body Shapes And Types

The varied techniques depicted in the scriptures make sex pleasurable for anyone irrespective of his/her body type and body shape. The person may be muscular, obese, or thin, body issues and pleasure are best not mixed, says Kamasutra.

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7. Kamasutra Urges You To Dress To Impress

The book cannot emphasize enough on the need to dress up well to impress the partner. It is true that attire plays a huge role in determining one’s confidence levels. Almost every character in the book is dressed up with grand ornaments.

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8. It Emphasizes On The Fun Element Of Sex

It helps convert a rather boring sexual session into something that a duo looks forward to and helps them with experimentation.

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9. It Explains The Connection Between Sex And Psychology

A major part of this book talks about psychology. It explains how manipulation of the mind works and how to ignite a spark in the mind of the other partner.

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10. It Emphasizes On The Role That Sex Plays In Religion, Life and Moksha(i.e, Emancipation)

The book talks about how life without sex is incomplete and it incorporates sex into every part of religion, every phase of life and it states how in order to attain freedom mentally, one needs to have sex.




Now that you read the above points, we sure hope that you will embrace the book and considering where it originated from, be proud to be Indian! 

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