Virat Kohli Indirectly Dig At Experts For Fake Sympathy, ‘If You Give The Suggestions In Front Of The World, It Has No Value For Me’

Virat Kohli Applauds MS Dhonivia

India lost the match against Pakistan by 5 wickets in Super 4. But Virat Kohli is back in form. He has scored above 30 in the last 3 matches with 2 consecutive 50s. Yesterday against Pakistan, Virat Kohli scored 60 in 44 balls. Many people and experts criticized him for taking a break from West Indies and Zimbabwe series last month. However, Virat Kohli shuts critics with his scintillating knocks in the Asia Cup. After the match, Virat Kohli attended a press conference after months.


‘Only Dhoni Cared’: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli MS Dhoni

In the press conference, Virat Kohli made some shocking revelations. He said that when he quit Test captaincy, no one apart from MS Dhoni messaged him and showed care for him.

“I can tell you one thing: when I left Test captaincy, I got a message from only one person, with whom I have played previously – that was MS Dhoni”

Virat Kohli added that both have mutual respect for each other, and there was never insecurity between the two players. He continued,

“That respect, that connection you have with anyone, when it is genuine, it shows in this fashion because there is security at both ends. Neither does he [Dhoni] need anything from me, nor do I need anything from him, and neither was he insecure from me, or I was insecure from him.”


Taking Dig At Trolls

Virat Kohli Asia Cup 2022Virat Kohli Asia Cup 2022

A few days back, Sunil Gavaskar made a statement on TV and said,

“If I had about 20 minutes with him, I would be able to tell him the things he might have to do. It might help him; I am not saying it will help him, but it could, particularly with regards to that off-stump line.”

Many other experts like Gautam Gambhir and ex-players tried to advise Virat Kohli on national television. However, it appears no one tried to talk to him personally. Virat Kohli pours his heart out in the press conference. He even took a dig against trolls and so-called experts for showing fake sympathy. He added,

“Many people have my number. On TV, lots of people give suggestions, people have a lot to say, but whoever had my number, no one sent me a message.”

“I can only say – if I want to say anything to anyone, I reach out to that person individually even if you want to help me. I mean, if you give the suggestions in front of the world, it has no value for me. If it is for my improvement, you could talk with me one-on-one that I genuinely want you to do well.”

“I live life with a lot of honesty, so I see such things. I am not saying that it doesn’t matter to me, but you see the real thing. I can only say that. When you play for such a long time and with honesty, who gives is the almighty. Until I play, until I am worthy of playing, I will play like this only.”

Virat Kohli has gone through a bad phase since 2019 and finally found his rhythm back in this Asia Cup. India has to win against Sri Lanka and Afghanistan on September 6 and September 8 to reach the Asia Cup finals.

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