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The rules of the Indian Super League (ISL) introduced an innovation in the 2021-2022 season, which forces teams to use no more than “four foreigners” in the squad. This has had a significant impact on the league as Indian clubs have marked improvement in the game by bringing in new local players. As young players from India have been given more time on the pitch, many have begun to reach their potential and play better and more consistently. Most of the players have started to improve the team’s game through a great desire to stay in the first team, which helps them stand out a lot. Due to such changes, such promising players as Liston Colaco, Sahal Abdul Samad, and Mohammad Nawaz began to come to the fore.

Let’s talk about the top five Indian football players currently in the national spotlight in the Indian Super League. All information was built on Fscore statistics.


5. Mohammad Nawaz (Mumbai City FC)

Mohammad Nawaz Mumbai City FC

A young, promising goalkeeper, who is only 21 years old, is already well established in the starting lineup of the Mumbai City FC team, thanks to Des Buckingham. The coach did a great job inside the team and started to bring young players to the fore, which helped Mohammad Nawaz become the team’s primary goalkeeper. Mohammad Nawaz is now in third place and could get the Golden Glove for the season by becoming Super League’s top goalkeeper. The player has already played a couple of matches in which he did not miss a single goal into his net. His saves stand out as the player is not afraid to go to the ball and make unexpected and sometimes risky moves. This resulted in the player having a 51.42% save rate and 1.89 goals conceded per game.

  • Matches – 9.
  • Minutes – 810.
  • Goals conceded – 17.
  • Saves – 18.
  • Clean sheets – 2.
  • Shots faced – 89.
  • Shots on target faced – 35.
  • Catches – 41.
  • Passes – 160.
  • Touches – 324.
  • AVG passes/game – 17.78.
  • Passing accuracy – 68.12%.

With Mourtada Fall and Rahul Bheke on the defensive end to help their goalkeeper, Mohammad Nawaz has every chance of becoming one of the best goalkeepers in the Indian Super League.


4. Vikram Partap Singh (Mumbai City FC)

Vikram Partap Singh Mumbai City FC

Continuing the theme of the Mumbai City team, it is also worth noting Vikram Partap Singh. The 20-year-old forward of the team had a great start to the season. It is worth saying that the graduate of the Indian Arrows academy in the new team has always been a rotational player. But you can’t write off his massive impact on the team’s game when the head coach let him out on the field. The player showed a strong desire to compete with the main forward, the legionnaire of the team Raynier Fernandes. This gave the player great motivation to raise the game to a whole new level of quality.

  • Matches – 7.
  • Minutes – 295.
  • Goals – 2.
  • Assists – 0.
  • Goal conversion rate – 33%.
  • Goals per game – 0.29.
  • Shots – 6.
  • Crosses – 6.
  • Touches – 146.
  • Passes – 68.
  • Passing accuracy – 63.23%.
  • Fouls -9.
  • Tackles – 20.
  • Interceptions – 4.
  • Clearances – 2.
  • Blocks – 6.

The player has shown that he can progress very much in a relatively short time.


3. Sahal Abdul Samad (Kerala Blasters)

Sahal Abdul Samad Kerala Blasters

Even though Sahal Abdul Samad showed a mediocre game last season, the player reminded himself this season. As a result, the left midfielder of Kerala Blasters started to work the ball very well, which led to goals.

  • Matches – 11.
  • Minutes – 794.
  • Goals – 4.
  • Assists – 0.
  • Goal conversion rate – 31%.
  • Goals per game – 0.36.
  • Shots – 13.
  • Crosses – 14.
  • Passes – 212.
  • Passing accuracy – 64.62%.
  • Touches – 363.
  • Fouls -21.
  • Tackles – 43.
  • Interceptions – 10.
  • Clearances – 0.
  • Blocks – 18.

Many critics believe that the minutes on the field will give the player the motivation with which he can show very high results in the new season.


2. Liston Colaco (ATK Mohun Bagan)

Liston Colaco ATK Mohun Bagan

23-year-old forward ATK Mohun Bagan helps his team a lot. Although the team started the season frankly badly, the player looks very good on the field. The player’s transfer was impressive enough for the club, but the player is already justifying it with his game. Such a versatile striker was what the team needed as reinforcement both in terms of performance and morale.

  • Matches – 9.
  • Minutes – 636.
  • Goals – 5.
  • Assists – 1.
  • Goal conversion rate – 20%.
  • Goals per game – 0.56.
  • Shots – 25.
  • Crosses – 4.
  • Passes – 139.
  • Passing accuracy – 76.25%.
  • Touches – 284.
  • Fouls -13.
  • Tackles – 27.
  • Interceptions – 6.
  • Clearances – 4.
  • Blocks – 7.

The team’s position in the standings can improve if the player brings the team as many goal chances as it is now.


1. Apuia (Mumbai City FC)

Apuia Mumbai City FC

Lalengmawia Ralte, also known as a player of the soccer club Mumbai City – Apuia from this year’s Indian Super League, has already managed to gain a foothold in the starting lineup of the team. Since the team is focused more on ball control, Apuia is an indispensable player for such tactics. It is also worth noting that although Lalengmawia Ralte midfielder plays well both in attack and in defense, which helps the team keep the ball much longer and build excellent positional attacks.

  • Matches – 11.
  • Minutes – 960.
  • Goals – 0.
  • Assists – 0.
  • Shots – 10.
  • Crosses – 1.
  • Passes – 556.
  • Passing accuracy – 85.97%.
  • Touches – 721.
  • Fouls -13.
  • Tackles – 52.
  • Interceptions – 20.
  • Clearances – 8.
  • Blocks – 17.
  • Yellow cards – 1.

The player started the new season well. Let’s hope that he will continue in this manner.


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