These Are The Top 3 Biggest Roulette Wins In History


Roulette is one of the most popular and oldest casino games, which dates back to the 18th century.

It doesn’t matter how well you play, in the end, the casino manages to take away what it gave you. Knowing all this, the players continue to enjoy roulette and play more to win. But what if we told you that this isn’t the case all the time?

Well, at least and unless you are playing at reputed and legit casinos like https://www.voodoodreams.com/in/.

 There have been lots of wins in this game and there are winners who have created a huge history. While some people win, others win a lot. That’s exactly what happened during these 3 big wins.

Let us know more about these huge roulette wins.


Top 3 Biggest Roulette Wins in History

When it comes to online gambling, nothing is certain, except for the fact that the house always wins. This especially sounds very true for a game like roulette. That is because it is designed by keeping the casino’s gain in mind.

But there are a very few gamblers who take a risk and those who risk it, win it. Having said that, here are three of the most popular wins ever made in history.


1. A Businessman Wins $3.5 Million

  • Winner’s Name: Pedro Grendene Bartelle
  • Year: January 2017
  • Winning Amount: $3.5 million
  • Game: French Roulette
  • Location: Hotel Conrad, Uruguay

Some punters are lucky but there are a few who write their own luck. This is the life scenario of Pedro Grendene Bartelle, who was already a prosperous businessman before this huge win.

He traveled all the way to Punta del Este, a city in Uruguay to try his luck on a game of French Roulette. Preceding the even-money red or black bets, Pedro covered mostly the third dozen. Most of his chips of $500 were stacked around the number 32. Therefore, the number appropriately came in and he quickly turned his $35,000 wager into $35 million.


2. Ashley Revell’s Historic Win

  • Winner’s Name: Ashley Revell
  • Year: 2004
  • Winning Amount: $272,000
  • Game: American Roulette
  • Location: Plaza Casino, Las Vegas

Ashley Revell, another businessman, and a Britisher dropped in his entire life savings of $136,000 just to play a game of American Roulette. Yes, this does sound like a crazy story, but it is true.

This winning even took place at Vegas’ Plaza Casino in 2004, when this young entrepreneur decided to gamble his entire financial future just on the spin of the wheel. Ashley sold everything he had, even including his highly prized BMWs and golf clubs.

Before placing his bet on red, he asked: “Can I kiss the ball?” Then, as the wheel spun, he pushed his stack of $1,000 chips on the paying spot. Surprisingly, he won!

Whether this entire thing was a set-up to promote Revell’s all-new online poker form or not, is not known yet. But this was certainly an exciting gambling moment ever caught on camera.


3. The Legendary £1.3 million Win In London

  • Winner’s Name: Mike Ashley
  • Year: 2008
  • Winning Amount: £1.3 million
  • Game: European Roulette
  • Location: Fifty, London

Next on the list of best roulette wins is this. We all know that being a prosperous entrepreneur is all about knowing when to gamble and when not to. One businessman who has taken his reasonable share of financial hits is certainly Mike Ashley.

He is none other than the one who owns English Premier League’s Newcastle United. In 2008, Mike walked down to London’s posh casino called “Fifty” to enjoy a few spins. In 15 minutes, he wagered at 17, which also happens to be his lucky number, and went back home with a whopping £1.3 million.



In our view, these were some of the biggest roulette wins in history. Know that anyone can win in a game like roulette. It is not necessarily that the house will. With the right strategies and deep knowledge, you can easily become a millionaire. But make sure to practice well first before staking anything big.

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