Things Which Every Solo Traveller Experiences – Important Life Lessons!

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Solo traveling is like an art and not everyone is fit for it. If forced into doing it without the passion, it might seem like a huge burden and a boring process but if the passion is there, nothing can be enjoyed like solo traveling. Solo traveling clears up your mind, relieves stress and gives you a lot of time for yourself to think, explore and learn. Being a solo traveler myself, here are a few lessons solo traveling has taught me.


1. Always Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Solo travel isn’t as easy as you think because if something goes wrong, you have to be prepared to face it. If you catch a cold or have a severe headache, no one is going to come for your comfort. You have to have the pills packed and the necessary things ready to use. Planning according to the trip is the key. Packing Shorts and sleeveless shirts for a trip to Kashmir is like going to war with a fork and spoon. Plan ahead, travel smart!


2. Passion Overcomes Fear

Passion Over Fear

Even if the trip means enduring hot weather or windy and dusty roads, it can be made possible if you have the passion for it. If you want the trip to happen, it will because not only your body is traveling with you but so is your heart and soul. When you are passionate about something, you work better towards making it happen. Similarly, tough trips can be made possible with passion, remember that.


3. No Place For Impulsive Decisions

No Time For Implusive Decisions

When you are out there alone, decisions you make have a great impact on how your trip goes on about. There is no space for you to be impulsive. That fancy looking food on the next table smells nice and looks delicious? Still can’t have it because you have miles to drive and you can’t really afford a bad stomach now. You have to be calm in order to think straight and make the trip happen smoothly.


4. You Are Out There Alone

You Are Alone

Travelling is not all fancy like they depict in the movies. You do not get to meet a lot of people like they portray. Even if you do, they will soon be in their own way like you and you will have to split ways very soon. For introverts, this comes in handy but for people who are social, they must be prepared! You feel lonely sometimes but it is worth as it gives you more time with yourself and you have a lot of time to think and be peaceful and undisturbed.


5. Navigation Is Hard

Navigation Is Hard

Travelling in areas where there is no good tower and connectivity is hard as Google Maps will not be there by your side anymore. You can’t reach out to many people as well. If it is a low populated region or a long road with empty sides, you will be completely lost with only your basic instincts guiding you. It takes time and a lot of rerouting but it is completely worth the fun!


6. Money Matters

Money Matters

You can’t always just hop on a bike or a car and start your dream trip. It takes the money and you should either be well off or save accordingly. Petrol prices aren’t cheap and it takes a lot of money for road trips. Food and accommodation prices vary based on the amount of comfort you require but in general, to make a nice trip happen, you have to save up in advance. Also, you can opt for a loan for a more secure trip. However, you need to fix credit issues, like LVNV Funding LLC bad record, to get approved of a loan easily.


7. Traveling – Love-Hate Relationship

Traveling - Love/Hate

Traveling isn’t always as fun as it seems. It comes in with the hardships as well. You have to endure a lot of things while traveling. If you get too tired, nausea kicks in and makes the whole trip a burden. Tiring out too much can also cause stress and headaches. It might lead to breakdowns as well but as long you get to explore new places and have fun, it will make up for it. Thus making the whole concept a love-hate thing.


8. Happiness In Small Things

Happiness In Small Things

Even the slightest thing can you make you happy. Like, meeting someone you did not expect to meet is a great example. You might see them every day in your normal routine life, but when you are traveling alone and you see their face amongst a hundred unknown faces, you light up in joy. A small smile from a stranger or a greeting wave from someone in the car next to you seems like a very polite gesture to you and you will appreciate it more than you did before!


9. Believing In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

You have to be confident that you can make the journey happen. There is no place for second-guessing or regret. Traveling is not about that. You have to be confident in what you do and you should be wholeheartedly into the plan if not, the trip might become hard. You should be clear about the trip and how you are going to make it happen.


10. You Don’t Need Anyone

You Don't Need Anyone

Once the trip becomes a success, you can understand that you a free and have no bounds. You don’t need to lean on anyone. You are free and the world is your playground. You can take care of yourself and you know how to face things. This boosts your confidence and self-respect and this gives you a sense of freedom and self-reliance like never before.

Relatable? Well, we’re in the same boat then. If you feel a key lesson is missing which solo traveling has taught you, let me know in the comments below! If you ever plan on taking a solo trip to the USA then here is a list of places to enjoy the nightlife. You will have the best time of your life visiting these places.

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