5 Steps To Take After A Neighbor’s Dog Bites My Child

Dog Bites

The bond between children and dogs leaves you wondering a lot. Despite their closeness, a dog bite is a traumatic experience for your child. The dog bite causes the child pain and injury and, at times, may cause disability. If a neighbor’s dog bites your child, you may be left anxious about what to do.

To pursue compensation for your child after a dog bite, it is vital to take the following steps:


1. Contact The Dog’s Owner


The chances are that the dog owner is not aware their dog may be on the loose, let alone biting others. The best thing to do is identify and notify the dog owner because they should bear responsibility for their actions. If you don’t know the owner, check for any identification information on the dog’s collar.

In the course of getting compensation for the dog bite, you will be in constant communication with your neighbor. Therefore, be calm but don’t disclose a lot of details when talking to them. Remember, they will ultimately help you seek medical attention to treat and care for the dog bite.


2. Verify The Dog’s Health Status


A dog’s bite has the potential to cause your child serious health problems. A medical doctor should investigate any bite marks that penetrate the skin to check if they cause rabies. If the dog suffers from infectious diseases such as rabies, your child is at risk of contracting the disease.

The dog owner will provide the dog’s vaccination schedule for you to check if the dog has had any rabies vaccine. Where they are not ready or aware of their dog’s health status, contact animal control. Animal control will detain and run tests to determine the health status of the dog.


3. Seek Medical Attention

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A dog puts your child at risk of contracting serious diseases such as rabies. It is therefore critical to seek medical attention for the bites and scratches your child sustains. It is easy to focus on contacting the owner or animal control since the wound may not seem severe.

Only a medical professional can assess the bite and determine the treatment actions to take. Therefore, immediately seek medical attention for your child. The medical report will provide crucial documentation when seeking compensation.


4. Gather Enough Evidence Of The Accident

Dog Bite

In the journey to seek compensation following a dog bite, evidence will be a critical element. As much as possible, gather and store enough evidence. Simple evidence, such as photos of the dog, the torn clothes of the child, and the scene of the attack are essential.

Additionally, if there are any witnesses of the attack, get their contact information. Their account of the event will significantly help in proving liability to the dog’s owner.


5. Contact An Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer

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The process of pursuing compensation benefits after a dog bite is a legal process. Like any legal process, it may be time-consuming and demoralizing. Contact an experienced dog bite lawyer. The lawyer will use their knowledge and experiences combined with your evidence to get the compensation your child deserves.

Furthermore, the insurance of the dog’s owner will play underhand tactics to deny your child the compensation they deserve. Your lawyer has enough experience to identify these tactics before they happen and cover any inadequacies that the defendant may use against you.


Your Child Deserves Justice

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When you see your child in pain after a dog bite, you may decide to take revenge. Instead, in addition to the above steps, focus on pursuing justice. Your child deserves justice, and they will get it.

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