No More Spitting In Pune – People Fined And Made To Clean Up Their Own Mess

No Spitting In Punevia

Municipal officers of Pune have introduced something which is very unique and commendable. People who spit in public will be fined and made to clean their own filth.  A squad has been formed to keep a close vigil on pedestrians and anyone found spitting in public are fined Rs. 100 and made to clean up their own filth.


Learn The Hard Way

No Spitting In Pune

This is a great initiative which might aid greatly in the cleanup process. Not only do they have to pay a fine, but they also are being taught a humiliating lesson by making them clean up their own filth. This will surely have some positive outcomes when implemented properly even on wider scales.


Overwhelming Response From Public

This anti-spitting drive was first started less than a week ago by the Bibvewadi ward office. Seeing the positive outcome and welcome by the people, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has adopted the same and has replicated the same across all 15 wards in the city.


Pune Strives Towards Cleanliness

No Spitting In Pune

This drive was initiated by Avinash Sakpal, assistant commissioner of the Bibvewadi ward. While speaking to the Pune Mirror he added,

“The drive has been much appreciated by citizens as well as from municipal commissioner Saurabh Rao. We are happy that our model is being executed all over the city and hope this will help to maintain the city’s clean and hygiene. Also, we hope it will instill discipline among errant citizens.”


No Spitting In Pune

The drive is said to be carried out indefinitely and this will be a reformatory movement because this will surely keep the public places more clean and free from red stains from spitting gutka.


“We know that this is very harsh punishment but in future, they will think before they spray Gutkha and tobacco on public places. We noticed that penalty in the form of money only was not working. Instead, giving self-reliance lessons in such a manner will be remembered throughout their life. The success of this campaign is in its unique approach.”

Pune Municipal Commissioner, Sourabh Rao says that they are a looking at a bigger picture for the movement. They believe this movement will aid in preparing the city for Swachh Survekshan 2019.


A Well Awaited Change!

It is a very brilliant idea and it is high time we take such actions for hygiene and cleanliness. This will surely pave the way for cleaner roads and public places. Stern actions have to be taken against offenders so that people rethink before they take freedom and spit on public places. Way to go, PMC! Similarly, during the no plastic drive, people of Pune actively participated and collected 7800kg of plastic waste. Read all about that here.

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