Software Techie Making People Crazy By His Amazing Voice

Magical Voice


How many of you has a passion to do something? I can bet most of us. But somewhere down the line that passion gets buried when responsibility comes. There are very few who takes their passion to the next level. People who do this will always make a name of themselves. Today we will introduce you to one of that person who is actually a Software techie but did not stopped following his passion and now he is rocking with his voice and making people crazy by his voice.

Shaad: An Epitome of Magical Voice



Ahmad Shaad Safwi is a software techie working with MNC at Pune and hails from Shahjahanpur. Shaad find his interest of singing in 2007 when he was in college and since than he never looked back. Shaad started collaborating with numerous musicians and performing solo as well in live music events since 2012 in Pune.


Magical Voice


Shaad has his own style of singing and thats what makes him different from the rest. He likes to sing in different genres. Indie Pop, Acoustic/Unplugged Bollywood Covers and Soft Rock are his personal best. A cover of 'Akele Hain To Kya Gam Hain' rock cover in collaboration with Lucknow based music composer 'Rishit Chauhan' is a good example for itHe has played in number of acclaimed colleges, cafes, pubs and lounges. His song 'Chal Diye' in collaboration with his bangalore based composer friend 'Adil Nadaf' got featured in MTV Indies.

Lets listen few of his best


1. In 2012 for corporate


2. In 2014 for college


3. Galliyan: Club Mix From Ek Villain


4. Akele Hain To Kya Gam hai 


5. Chal Diye In MTV Indie


Guys, liked his voice. I am sure you all will loved it. You can follow him on YouTube and Facebook. He is one of the perfect example who manages his work and also give equal time to his passion.  We will again cover more such talents through our articles in near future. 

Let us know in the comments below about his work smiley


Never give up on your dreams because life is one, live it or leave it !



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