First Interview Of Shami’s Wife After Acquisition And She Claims Abuse – Watch Video

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Family comes first. No matter what, we always want our family to support us and to be with. When it comes to being with your life partner, you would never compensate. But this man has ashamed us with his act. Our very own cricketer Mohammad Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan filed a case against him! According to her, Shami has been talking to girls behind her back. Hasin Jahan also has leaked his chats with few girls, on the social media.

Indian pacer Mohammed Shami married his model girlfriend Haseen Jahan

We just rubbed our eyes since we could not believe that Shami did such a thing. His chats and messages with other girls were very bold and for a moment, we had to question their genuineness. Later, even Shami tweeted to clear the air saying that all of the things that are being said against him are totally fake. His tweet has left us confused as we could not understand of whom to believe, whether him or his wife.

Mohammad Shami

Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan has made few allegations against him. She also added that Shami and his family used to threaten and torture her both physically and mentally. Also, she said that they tried to kill her for almost 2 years. Amidst all of these hassles, ABP news then took an exclusive interview with his wife Hasin Jahan. In the interview, the reporter had asked her as to why she did such things today. Over this, Hasin reacted saying that Shami’s behavior has forced her to do so.’

Mohammad Shami’s family

Hasin made the startling disclosure saying that Shami used to book the hotel rooms after every series and spend time with other girls. Although she claimed that she knew about all of his affairs soon after they got married, still she wanted him to improve and have a chance. According to Hasin, Shami is threatening her present as she has spread all of his chats online. Post marriage, Shami told her that he was already dating another girl for almost 5 years. But why did he marry her then?


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Another Interview

After watching the video, I’m sure you have come up with the conclusion. This case has seriously disappointed everyone including his fans and loved ones. Hoping for the best. Have a look at this shameful act of a man who assaulted TV Actor Sumeet Raghavan’s Wife In BMW! What He Did Is Really Shameful!