These Are Top 15 Safest Workplaces for Women in India

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Women’s safety has always been the prime objective of every organization and also the government. In a country like India where the crime rate against women is rising each day, it is essential to have secure workplaces for women. There are firms that are solely dedicated to improving workplaces, some of them are Outlook Business, & Great place to work.


What Defines A Safe Workplace For Women?

There are a number of factors that define a safe and secure working environment for women. Some os the most important factors are:

  1. The minimal attrition rate for female employees
  2. Zero-Tolerance policy against sexual harassment in the workplace
  3. Paid leaves for new moms, & optimum maternal leave
  4. More number of female employees and most have positive feedback
  5. Flexible work hours, and no night shift for women employees
  6. Representation of women on all hierarchical levels in the firm

So, if you are a female, and wish to join a firm, check out these factors prior. Now, we bring up to you the top 10 workplaces for women in India:


1. Cisco India Private Limited

Safest Workplaces

Cisco is recognized as India’s best company to work in 2020 by Great Place to Work. Cisco is an IT company that offers a wide range of products such as routers, switches, security systems, network managing systems, etc. It was the best because its employees excelled in all the 5 dimensions that are a hallmark of high trust and performance – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Comradeship.


2. Cushman And Wakefield

Safest Workplaces

It is a notable real estate company. It has made up to the top ten due to its efficient, accessible, and transparent management. The firm takes comprehensive initiatives for the employees to manage and balance their work and personal lives.


3. Ernst & Young

Safest Workplaces

It is one of the rising assurance and consulting services. EY offers extraordinary learning and development opportunities for its employees. This ensures the overall development of the employees. The employees also have a very pleasant mood while working, and thus positive feedback about the company.


4. GE India Industrial Private Limited

Safest Workplaces

The firm offers solutions on technological and financial fronts. Some of the services offered are aviation, energy management, power generation, and healthcare. The integral and ethical nature of the firm brings it up to the top ten.


5. HERE Technologies Private Limited

Safest Workplaces

The rising IT Company is originated from the Netherlands. The employees at HERE are kept engaged by organizing fun events, award functions, and training programs. The employees are also backed to work independently.

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