Why Do People Like Playing Golf?


What makes golf so fun? Many possibilities make golf a fun sport that is unlikely to get boring. Whether alone, with friends, or with strangers, anyone can enjoy playing different types of golf games. You’ll get a bit of exercise while enjoying nature and getting some fresh air playing on some of the most beautiful golf courses around.

Golf can sometimes be regarded as a boring and complicated game that’s not for everyone. Surveys show that 70 percent of people find golf boring to watch, making it one of the dullest sports to do. But 60 million people enjoy golf in more than 85 percent of the world’s 245 nations, so it must have something to offer.

Here are a few reasons we found people like playing the game of golf.


Enjoy Golf In The Great Outdoors

Golf Headcovers

Golf, by its nature, takes place in the natural environment. The great outdoors at golf courses can be enjoyed in all weather conditions, hot or cold, dry or wet. As opposed to other sports, golf courses allow players to roam over large areas, such as a few hundred acres or more, without being guarded or blocked in by walls or fences.

Few mainstream sports compare to golf in terms of setting, and golf courses can provide incredible views. Many courses will take you beside oceans and golden beaches. Some will meander through forests and parklands, while others may offer stunning mountain views, and others may be as close as a minute walk from the center of towns.

Wildlife enthusiasts will find nature a blessing with encounters with birds, deer, squirrels, eagles, geese, ducks, rabbits, and even alligators and snakes.


Variety Keeps Golf Exciting


Those who aren’t golfers may assume that playing the same golf course repeatedly becomes somewhat monotonous after a while. However, there is something really special about the game of golf, and that is the fact you can play so many different kinds of games to enjoy the game in a variety of ways. Each round is unique.

It doesn’t matter what conditions you play under, who you play with, or the way you play, it will never be the same as what you did last time. You can keep things interesting by mixing things up and having some fun on the course. You can participate in as many holes as you like, for example.

There are no rules that force players to play an 18-hole round unless it is a competition. It is possible to play fewer holes, and many people do, by simply playing nine holes or loops that take you from the clubhouse and back.

Additionally, you can participate in cross-country golf, where you play from one hole to another. However, make sure the course is tranquil so you can participate in this! It is also possible to invent your own rules for the game no matter what the day brings. My friends and I used to add three more rules to a game we played. With one shot, you could take it from anywhere on the course.

A mulligan is when you are given another chance to make a shot, while a call back allows you to force your opponent to make the same shot again. After a friend makes a great shot, I always like to enforce the last one!


Golf Is Fun


In addition to ecstasy and agony, golf can provide both in equal measure. Because of that, it’s possible to become addicted to the game. In some cases, golfers get addicted to playing the next shot in the hopes that it will be another great shot immediately following their previous one.

Golfers can forget all their troubles and pains following a long, difficult putt, a long drive, or breaking 100, 90, 80, or even 70 for the first time when they hole their first long putt, get up and down, or break 100, 90, 80 or 70 for the first time. Whenever we golfers hit that shot like professionals, we get a great dopamine rush, and that’s what we’re addicted to exploring again and again and again.

Fundamentally, golfers enjoy watching things fly as much as humans do. The art of watching animals fly has been enjoyed since the beginning of time. A golf ball can fly a long distance, so players will watch a ball fly for hours.

Meditating while playing golf is also beneficial. There is no way you will master the art of hitting little white balls thousands of yards across with little margin for error. It is just you and your head. You will not be able to escape and will probably be considering many unhelpful thoughts before every shot! It’s your choice whether to overcome them or give up.

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