These People Do Not Have Citizenship Of Any Country In The World

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We take our nationality and citizenship very lightly. Some of us do not even understand the proper meaning of it. But the pain of not being accepted by any country is only known to those who do not have any country and border. There are many who can not call any country their own because they do not have citizenship of any country. Some of these did not have proper documents, some were forced out of their country.

So, here we talk about 5 of such people whom no country is ready to accept. In other words, they are not a citizen of any country officially.


1. Maha Mamo

People with no citizenship

She was born in Lebanon and her mother was also a Lebanese citizen. But her father was a Syrian. She did not get the citizenship of Lebanon because of her father being a Syrian. At the same time, it was not recognized in Syria as the Syrian government did not approve the marriage between the Christian father and the Muslim mother.

She faced many difficulties because of not being a citizen of any country. She along with her siblings couldn’t get a job or even travel anywhere. Fortunately, they received a visa and travel document on behalf of Brazilian Embassy in Lebanon on a humanitarian basis in 2014.


2. Sage Chung Cheung

People with no Citizenship

Sage is the first person born outside of Belgium, who lost his citizenship. His mother is from Belgium and father from Hong Kong but he isn’t a citizen of either of these countries. he was born in Hong Kong and using Brazilian citizenship. According to Belgian law, it is necessary that every citizen who is born outside the country will have to stay in the country from 18 to 28 years of age. Or it is necessary to return to the country before the age of 28. But Sage did not fulfill any of these things. So, that’s why he wasn’t given the Belgium citizenship.


3. Ian Ju

No citizenship

Ian Ju should be a citizen of North Korea or China, but no country adopted her. Ju’s mother and Nani Park were citizens of North Korea before escaping to China. In China, her mother married a Korean-Chinese man. Ju’s mother disappeared in 2006, fleeing South Korea from China. At the same time, her father died in an accident in 2007. In such a situation, Ju and his Nani Park remain in China until 2012.

After this, Park reached South Korea via Laos and Thailand after hearing the news of his second daughter’s cancer. Here, Park received shelter and citizenship but two years later when Ju came to his grandmother in 2014, the park tried very hard to get him citizenship, but his appeal was not heard. According to the law of South Korea, these countries do not give citizenship to anyone without the living parents. Even though grandparents are present as alive relatives.


4. Aliana Rubashkin

No citizenship

Aliana once used to be Lewis Rubashkin in Columbia. She didn’t realize she was an intersex i.e. she has both male and female chromosomes inside her. After a surgery, she became Aliana from Lewis. But when the Taiwanese Taipei University authorities asked her to update the passport, she faced troubles due to lack of Colombian consulate in Taiwan. Aliana decided to update the passport in the Consulate in Hong Kong. But the Hong Kong Airport Authority refused to enter the airport because her gender had changed. She got an entry but without a passport. For this, she was hanged in Hong Kong for several months. The United Nations gave her the status of gender refuge, but her citizenship was canceled. Eventually, in 2014 New Zealand sheltered her, but she is still stateless. She will have to stay in the country for five years to get citizenship.


5. Muhammad Idris

Not a citizen of any country

India-born Idris married in Pakistan and after the marriage took citizenship there. He remained in Pakistan till 1999, but he had to return to the news of the deteriorating health of his father in India. Meanwhile, his father died and he had to stay for more than three days from the visa date. After this, he approached the Indian Authority, but he was arrested on suspicion of being a Pakistani spy. He spent about 10 years in the Indian jail. After this, when he tried to return to Pakistan, he was returned back, because his citizenship was canceled. The Pakistani authorities claimed that his wife has separated from him and his family has also shifted from Idris. The Pakistani passport from which he came to India, also expired in 2003. In such a case, he was not a citizen of any of the two countries.

So, these were 5 really unique people who are not a citizen of any country due to various issues. There are various troubles in life but some people conquer all that to become successful. Read about these amazing people with physical disabilities who proved that nothing is impossible.