From INR 3.42 To INR 301.85; This Penny Stock Turns Multibagger And Gave 8,726.02% Return This Year

Sejal Glass Penny Stock Turns Multibaggervia

Many people are interested in the stock market. Today we are telling you about a penny stock that has given tremendous returns to its investors in just 12 months. We are talking about the share of Sejal Glass. This stock has increased from approx INR 3 to INR 300 in the last year. During this period, the Sejal Glass share price has given a huge stock return of more than 8,726% to its investors. Sejal Glass stock has made its place on the list of potential multibagger stocks of this year. Today the company’s shares closed at INR 294 on BSE.


Sejal Glass Stock Share Price History

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Last year on 26 April 2021, Sejal Glass share price was at the level of INR 3.42 per share on BSE. In one year, the stock gained approx INR 298.43 to INR 301.85 till April 26, 2022. During this period, this stock has given a strong return of 8,726.02% to its investors. In the last six months, the stock of Sejal Glass has increased from INR 13.65 to around INR 300. During this period, the penny stock of Sejal Glass has given a return of 2,119.78 percent.

At the same time, this year, the shares of Sejal Glass have given amazing returns in YTD. It has increased from INR 24.40 to Rs 301.85. During this period it has given a return of 1,137.09% to its investors. Though, in the last month, the stock is in loss and has fallen 21.85% so far. Still, the stock has given tremendous returns to its investors.

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Huge Profits For Investors

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According to the share price history pattern of Sejal Glass, if an investor had invested approximately  INR 1 lakh in this stock when the share price was INR 3.42 per share a year ago, the amount would have increased to INR 87.53 lakh. At the same time, an investment of INR 1 lakh in six months would have been INR 22.12 lakh. Similarly, if an investor had invested INR 1 lakh in this stock in 2022 at the rate of INR 24.40, then this amount would have increased to INR 12.37 lakh.

Sejal Glass LTD is one of the favorite processors in India today. Sejal Architectural Glass LTD is active in the glass field and is a small-cap company.

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