Meet Unseen Friend, The Guy Who Photoshops With The Photos Of Celebs

He Got Amazing Photoshop Skills

Unseen Friend Photoshops Imagesvia

Photoshop is quite useful software. The software is also used professionally and it allows us to alter we desired changes to the images. Well, there are a lot of people who have achieved a master level in it. Some of them do quirky things with photoshop it. Today we will familiarize with a guy who loves Photoshopping his pictures with celebrity images. His Instagram account name is Unseen Friend, now let us take a look at some of his artistic work.


1. Teaching The Students How To Deal With Memes

2. The Unseen Friend Is Teaching Photoshop To A Friend


3. When You Have The Forever Single Status


4. Waiting For Your Chand On Karva Chauth Be Like

5. Birthday Celebration With Bollywood Stars

6. When It’s Weekend But You Still Have To Work


7. It Seems Like Photo Bombing


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