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Choose Your Type Of Meditation Style


We can hardly doubt the fact that, meditation suits our mental health the most and we can’t its endless benefits. But, in spite of knowing this fact, many if us, can hardly opt for meditation lifestyle. The chief reason here is the confusion, that which style if meditation suit us most.

According to a conducted study, 229 participants practiced meditation for the first time and they felt pleasantly different. They felt better focus, more energy, and immovable concentration. But, there were different types of meditation that they practiced and each type had a different effect.

Below are the types and their effect

Breathing Meditation Practice


Practicing breathing not only gives you more concentration but also give you more distraction-less thoughts.

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Body Scan Mediation Practice:

bodyscan meditation

Scrawl your concentration, starting from head to toes. It not only gives you more body awareness but also lessen your negative thoughts.


Loving Kindness Meditation:


Focus just on the warm and loving feelings you feel your loved and near one and stretch those feelings out towards others. Also, include those who have negative feelings for you. It enhances your positive thoughts and feelings.


Observing thoughts Practice:


Don’t ignore your continuously arising thoughts. Recognize those feelings and label them, and then move on to them. With this, you get to know your thoughts better and be less distracted by them.

Although, these practices are not very surprising, but they give insight into your thought problems. Also, when searching for mediation techniques, you won’t be confused about what to follow most. You can work on your specific areas of positive thought boosting up or getting in touch with your body. Whatever suit you the most will get to your right track.

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