Cartoons About The Kathua Rape Case Are Telling The Horrific But Real Condition Of Society

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Is Silent In This Case

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In the last few days, the name of Asifa Bano has been seen all over the internet. She was an 8-year-old girl who was gang-raped for multiple days before being murdered. She was a resident of Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir hence it is also known as Kathua rape case. One of the saddest things about the rape is that everyone is speaking against it but the Indian Prime Minister has been silent.


Cartoons Illustrating Kathua Rape Case

Kathua Rape Case

Some artists tried to display the present society in their illustrations. Let us see some cartoons sketches about Kathua rape case that shows the horrific but real condition of society.


1. Silence Is Not The Best Answer All The Time

We all know that the political game has been started in Unnao and Kathua rape cases. However, the inactivity of the govt. and police is making it worse.


2. Everyone Is Raising Their Voice But Why The Leader Is Silent?

Everyone wants to hear what Narendra Modi has to say about Unnao case as the prime accused in the case is a BJP MLA. However, complete silence is all they got.


3. Kathua Lawyers Made The Justice Cry

Kathua Lawyers resisted the filing of charge sheet against the accused of the Kathua rape case. This brought a shame to Indian law for sure.


4. Unnao Rape Case And Kathua Rape Case

Unnao Rape case is another infamous rape case which has gained the heat nowadays. This sad picture tells the sad story of both the cases.


5. The Picture Speaks For Itself

This picture shows the horrific incident of Kathua.


6. Vrat Over Maunvrat Shuru

It is the sarcastic display of the behavior of our Prime Minister who is maintaining silence in this case.


7. When Asifa Met Nirbhaya

The case of Asifa Bano is similar to Nirbhaya case. We hope police and govt. will act in this and they will do justice for Asifa.


8. An Old Cartoon But Fits Today’s Conditions

Back in 1949, this cartoon was published in a Newspaper. This cartoon features a lady who is being dragged down by Orthodox people as they considered her a dead weight.


9. How Far Is Delhi From Kathua?

No matter how far is Delhi from Kathua because both of the societies encompass the spineless cowards among the men.


10. About The Rapes In Haryana

In the past few years, the rape cases have been increased in Haryana. The slogan “Beti Bachao” now seems like a threat.

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