BREAKING – Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa Resigns Before The Trust Vote

Yeddyurapa Resigns As CMvia

Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurapa has announced his resignation after failing to secure 112 to form the government. At 3:30 PM, the house reconvened and 2 MLA who had not turned up had been sworn in. The atmosphere heated up after the Congress released audio proof of the BJP trying to lure their MLAs. The audio clip featured CM Yeddyurappa and Congress leader BC Patil. A further clip captured MLA Sreeramulu and BC Patil.



Yeddyurappa Gave 20 Min Resignation Speech


In an emotional 20 minute speech by the resigning CM, he mentioned that he had great dreams of developing the state. He stated,

“Dear Kumaraswamy, I am a fighter and I will fight till my last breath”

to the Congress-JDS CM canditate.

“I come from a background of struggle. I will lose nothing if I lose power… am going straight to Governor’s house to give my resignation,”

he said at the concluding moments of his speech.


Former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha tweets that Karnataka still has some morality left.


The Congress is treating this event as a victory for Democracy after CM Yeddyurappa resigned before the live floor test falling 8 short of the majority vote.


Here’s How Congress Addressed It


What do you think about this event? There have been multiple kind of responses from people. Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Check out these satire personal life pictures of Donald Trump which will surely have you laughing.

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