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Kane and Undertaker unite again via

WWE is the most well-received fight show. Innumerable people love it. And now we have the good news for all the fans. WWE superstars Kane, also known as Glenn Jacobs and The Undertaker, known as Mark Calaway have got together again. Although it is not inside the four squared ring this time but is the Big Red Machine’s electoral campaign. Jacobs who is trying to become the next mayor of the Knox County, Tennessee had invited The Undertaker at a fundraising event as a special guest.

Kane and the Undertaker are set for an appearance outside the WWE

Kane And The Undertaker Re-Unites

The Brothers of Destruction reunited after this week's WWE SmackDown

The Undertaker does not easily makes public appearances. Hence this was one big opportunity where his fans got to see the Brothers of Destruction both together after a very long time. Kane is not only the first WWE wrestler to take part in politics. Jesse “The Body”Ventura and the current US President Donald Trump previously had connections with WWE before.

Kane of WWE is back again

Previously in an interview with the CBS local, Kane spoke about his political interests. And how WWE has prepared him for politics. “A lot of politics I have seen outside the ring within my life all around the world. Also, I have been in WWE for almost 22 years. And have reached a point in my career where inside the locker room. I am one of those people who people come to if something has to be discussed. All problems are also consulted with me. They ask me if there is anything that can be done and what is to be done according to me. I also give a bit of input into some areas of our business just because they respect and consider my opinion a lot,” he said.

The Undertaker of WWE

“As far as what people say, “oh that thing in the ring,” that is the fun part. I always make people understand that both are separate. It is actually my commitment in WWE that I have found which will hopefully help me out in all the political fields” he said.

That is such an amazing news! I’m sure everyone reading this is as excited as I am. So, just wait for them to be back on stage! We have another news, MMA superstar Ronda Rousey joined WWE, also WWE superstar Asuka Won The First Ever Women’s, Royal Rumble! Go check the article now! Anyone who has Goldberg as their favorite star? Check out his surprise facts.