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Jofra Archer Old Tweets For The World Cup Final Will Surely Give You Goosebumps

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It was an epic World Cup final. One of the greatest match ever in the ODI Cricket history between England and New Zealand. Though England have won the World Cup, New Zealand have not lost. The match was a tie, the Super over was a tie and England won the World Cup on the basis of most boundary scored 26 – 17. Yes, its true, silly rules you know. Sometimes, these rules really spoil the game of Cricket. You can revisit the epic final between England and New Zealand in the World Cup final. Jofra Archer has predicted almost everything that happened in this World Cup. Yes, we are not lying. Have you gone through the eerie tweets of Jofra Archer which he has made for World Cup? Check out his 30 tweets and predictions which are found to be correct and took the internet by storm.

Jofra Archer Tweets

The tweets for the World Cup final by Jofra Archer will make you believe that this guy is from the future. Yes, in the most thrilling games of the ODI Cricket history, the final of the World Cup had gone for the Super Over. England batted first in the Super over and scored 15 runs in 6 balls. For New Zealand, to become the World Cup champions, need 16 runs in 6 balls. In the last ball, New Zealand required 2 runs, but Martin Guptill got run out in order to steal the second run and England won the World Cup.

To everyone’s surprise, this Barbados born English cricketer Jofra Archer has predicted this a long back. Have a look at his tweets. This will definitely make you believe that Jofra Archer is the Nostradamus of world cricket.


1. Lockie Fergusson Stunning Catch


2. Predicted Super Over In 2015


3. New Zealand Need 16 Runs In 6 Balls


4. Shocking New Zealand Loss


5. New Zealand Finished Second


6. Silly Rules Of Boundaries


Aren’t you surprised? Well if you have not gone with his previous predictions you should see this 30 tweets by Jofra Archer. Jofra Archer has taken most wickets by an England pacer (20 wickets) in a single edition of the World Cup.

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